• What to do in Norfolk weekend break

  • For fun that the whole family can enjoy, begin the weekend in Norfolk with a visit to Great Yarmouth’s Britannia Pier. Great Yarmouth began to enjoy popularity as a seaside resort in at the turn of the 20th century, when the wooden pier was replaced with one of more solid construction and a grand pavilion, built to seat an audience of 2,000, was added. The present pavilion was built in 1958 and features ongoing theatrical performances, many produced with family fun in mind.
    The Britannia Pier includes two arcades, one of which is assessable from the beach. From traditional penny slot machines to games featuring the latest technology, the arcades offer a variety of games sure to delight children of all ages. To increase the fun factor, many games award prizes, too. An array of outdoor and indoor rides are available as well. Kids are sure to enjoy the Carousel, Giant Slide, Cups and Saucers ride and the Ghost Train. The pier features food stands, restaurants and pubs to suit every appetite.What to do in Norfolk weekend break
    After the excitement of the funfair, switch gears with a visit to Great Yarmouth’s Time and Tide museum. Housed in a converted Victorian herring curing works, the museum traces the history of the area from its ice age origins to modern times, with a special focus on Yarmouth’s maritime and fishing heritage. The museum uses hands-on displays, such as taking the wheel of a coastal Drifter, as well as games, puzzles and other activities for children to help bring history to life.
    Slow down the pace on the second day, without slowing down enjoyment, with a leisurely visit to Norwich Castle. Considered one of the finest examples of Norman architecture, Norwich Castle not only houses a museum that includes a variety of permanent collections, including a gallery featuring four centuries of East Anglican art and ceramics, it also allows visitors to immerse themselves in the drama and conflict that was Norman life.
    Visitors can tour the battlements of the Norman keep, then descend below to explore the dungeons. The life and times of East Anglia’s Queen Boudica and her tribe are well-represented, with funereal displays of artifacts and Iceni gold. Children can even ride upon a replica of an Iceni warrior’s chariot. This just scratches the iceberg for things to do on a weekend away in Norfolk.
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