• Rajasthan Cultural Tour: colorful cultural land

  • The culture of this fantastic state is a miscellany of living manners, belief systems, dance forms and acrobatics that was brought forth and nurtured by the emigrants to this wonderful place and of course the indigenous people's contribution that has added more flavor to it. There are several different kinds of dances such as folk dance, Kal Beliya and Ghoomar are a combination of dance and acrobatics and they are very popular among the tourists. There are numerous accommodations like resorts, spa, hotels uniquely arranged indicates of these forms of art to help the tourists gain the experience of breathing in the atmosphere of local culture and carrying home indelible memories of this great destination.

    Magic Effect of Culture: 

    It is well known for knightliness, bravery, art and architecture prevail in blood-cells of even the newest of generations. Its shade, fair, meal and achieving art forms are all specimen of the age old cultural existence of the state. Amazing Kalbelia and Kachi Ghodi dances produces onward including folk music will make you break a leg and the food here will make you go gaga about it; The bewitching impression of Rajasthan's culture that it will linger on you years after the tour.

    Temples and Religious Places in Rajasthan:

     It is a destination to provide your worship, to find blessings, to find the spiritual you and to feel divinity. There are several amazing fairs and festivals happened at this destination. The shrines are an address of godlike bliss and specimen of great architecture. Relevant your admiration at Eklingi Temple, Karni Mata Temple, Brahma temple, Kaila Devi Temple, Shrinathji Temple, Birla Temple, Govind devji Temple, Galta Temple, Ossain Temples, Jain Temples and Dargah at Ajmer Sharif.

    Fairs & Festivals:

    There are several idea based widely well known fairs and festivals are an interesting portion of Rajasthan culture which invite spectators from all over country in huge numbers. The universal famous one is the Pushkar Fair where camel racing, cattle fair, moustache competition, etc are the major attraction. Some Other festival and fairs include Marwar Festival, Desert festival, Baneshwar Fair, Elephant festival etc which depict the true culture of Rajasthan.

    Rajasthan Cultural Tour: colorful cultural landRich Folk Culture:

    Even though each destination in this state accepts  to itself different and unique customs, traditions, habits etc, the whole experience of witnessing folk dance and listening to folk music is delight to eyes and ears as both are performed in melody encompassing use of local musical instruments and colorful woven costumes.

    Mewar Festival, Udaipur:

    It is a colorful and a comprehensive annual celebration happened in the March at Udaipur. It is commemorated occasion by female to welcome the arrival of spring. All the while commemoration of occasion female dresses the images of Isar and Gangaur and then carries them in a ceremonial procession through different parts of the city.

    It can provide you an entire atmosphere of this incredible India beginning from the desert lands and extending up to hill stations, as this state has it all.


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