• Hawaii Snorkeling - underwater paradise!

  • Hawaii snorkeling is a fun activity available to almost any

    skill level of swimmer, where you can discover a

    breathtaking array of Hawaii's most exotic sea life a few

    yards from shore. Colorful coral, lava flows, turtles and

    more than 700 species of fish are found in the clear, high-

    visibility waters warmed to an average temperature of 75-80

    degrees Fahrenheit. Getting yourself outfitted is no

    problem, as there are dozens if not hundreds of rental

    facilities around, ranging in price from $10-20 day, and if

    you're staying at a resort you can possibly score free

    equipment available to their guests.

    Once you're outfitted and ready for some Hawaii snorkeling,

    head out to some of Hawaii's best snorkeling venues. Likely

    the most well-known of these is Molokini. The Molokini

    crater is what's left of an extinct volcano a few miles off

    Maui, shaped like a crescent moon. This is s must-see spot!

    Other great Hawaii snorkeling locations on Maui include

    Honolua Bay, Kapalua Bay and Makena landing. Honolua is

    regarded by locals as the best snorkeling and diving spot on

    Maui, while Kapalua Bay boasts calm waters, safe swimming,Hawaii Snorkeling - underwater paradise!

    and one of the world's best beaches. Makena offers excellent

    cave snorkeling, and endangered green sea turtles. Other

    Hawaii snorkeling spots worth getting wet in would be

    Hanauma Bay Nature Park on Oahu, a marine preserve; and

    Waimea Bay, best known for it's surfing. In fact, during

    winter months snorkeling isn't permitted due to high surf.

    On the Big Island there's Kealakekua Bay and Hapuna Beach.

    If your Hawaii snorkeling plans take you to Kauai, try Ke'e

    Beach and Po`ipu Beach Park.

    Wherever your Hawaii snorkeling trip takes you in the

    islands rest assured that there is practically no bad place

    to dip your feet in! Be safe though; don't snorkel alone,

    snorkel in safe waters, observe warning signs, and beware of

    high surf. And don't feed the fish! They've survived

    centuries without Cheezits; don't get them started now!

    Your Hawaii snorkeling adventure is waiting just under the

    warm waters of whichever island you choose. Don't forget

    the camera!

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