• Adventure tourism in the exciting adventure sports in India: India

  • The incommensurable terrestrial characteristic of India offers superfluity of the adventurous activities in India. It is specific destination which is sure to excite travelers with variety of adventure sports starting from the beautiful sandy beaches, big coastline, mountain ranges, plateaus, desert and rivers. This country presents a very gentle spell of adventure to high epinephrine adventurous activities. Along with freight of enjoyment and excitement the adventurous sports are best way to get close with nature. There are various adventurous sports like

    1. Trekking
    2. Skiing
    3. Angling
    4. Fishing
    5. River rafting
    6. Paragliding
    7. Ballooning
    8. Mountaineering
    9. rock climbing
    10. skating
    11. mount biking
    12. canoeing
    13. kayaking
    14. diving
    15. snorkelling


    Trekking in India:

    Trekking is a cherished journey recreational activity in India. It is too plenty enticing that its fans come from all places of the world to India. Tourists have many alternatives for trekking in many parts of India. Trekking in this country signifies touring in the most uneven and rough tracks in mountains in the beautiful surroundings. There are inspiring and beautiful terrains through Indian mountains that offer challenging and action packed routes.

     Water Rafting destinations of India:

    Adventure tourism in the exciting adventure sports in India: IndiaDandeli in Karnataka- It is a sensational place giving 15 km of river rafting facility. It is also a ornamental place situated 125 km from Goa. It is well known among water sports lovers. Its river helps as a best venue for river rafting.

    Rishikesh - It is a thrilling destination also a scrupulous site. It is the most well known river rafting center in North India. Rafting bivouacs are also organized here.

    Corbett- It gives exciting rafting opportunities. It is well known for its Corbett National Park, one of the best Parks in the world.

    Skiing Destinations of India:

    Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh- This magnetizing ski resort is situated at an altitude of more than 25 hundreds m soaked in sheer natural beauty. This destination also has a skiing training center.

    Auli- It is a captivating skiing spot having international fame. It is an important winter resort situated in Joshimath.

    Naldehra-It is a well known tourist attraction which is one of the cheapest ski resorts in the world. It is also a popular the oldest golf course of the country situated near Shimla it is bathed in natural beauty.

    Famous Scuba Diving and Snorkeling destination:

    Lakshadweep- Awfully charming Lakshadweep is an array of wonderful islands offering great opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling and one of the best destination for see marine life.

    Mahaseer Fishing:

    Mahaseer are wonderful fish grounded in the fast flowing river environments. It is a ventured animal with a life-span of 20-25 years. There are numerous places for Mahaseer fishing in India like Ganges and its tributaries in north India, Kaveri river in South India, Jia Bhoroli River in North East India etc.

    People will observe the coruscating and splendid waterfalls, haughty mountain peaks in Himalaya tours on your way and fall in love with the lovely nature during this adventure tourism in India.


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