• Who Killed the free energy?

  • If they didn't, then why on earth would they acquire ALL the available energy patents? 
    Surely they want to use them to help you save more money on gas and electricity costs, or even to cut down on those deadly CO2 emmissions. Right?
    It's not love... but it is a feeling justas powerful. It's called "desperation". And this is the cold hard truth: Corporate execs are scared in their pants that one invention might obsolete their multi-billion dollar cash-cows. 
    Want proof? 
    Look no further than the electric car. 
    Almost 20 years ago, genius inventor StanOvshinsky delivered GM a super-battery with an autonomy of 201 miles on a single charge (at least 3x more than the best car battery!)  
    Guess what GM did with that invention. No, they didn't use it to create a highly-efficient electric car. 
    Instead, what they did was SELL IT to Chevron  - the Oil mammoth. And that wasthe end of the road for large capacity EV batteries. 
    These are the same perverted powers that killed Nikola Tesla's fuelless generator:Who Killed the free energy?
      >> http://tinyurl.com/369ps2e
    Tesla was secretly researching a way to harness cosmic energy and then to transmit it wirelessly to every home. 
    But when word got out, J.P. Morgan cut all his funding... and Tesla's 2-story transmission tower was never used. 
    Free energy was - and still is - a huge threat for the establishment... and everyone who wants to challenge the status quo is either bought out, or silenced. 
      >> http://tinyurl.com/369ps2e
    The owners of this site are already being hard pressed to close shop... so if you want to learn more about Tesla's leaked files, this is the time to do it. 

    Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success!
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