• Use of personal safety alarms to help increase the number of staff safety

  • Personal safety in the modern day workplace has continued to become of the utmost importance. Whether one is working with heavy and dangerous machinery or patrolling heavily guarded prisons, a personal safety alarm has become necessary for a variety of reasons. There can be many different arguments given for the reasons that we live in a more dangerous world than in the past years, but the facts remain that we live in extremely dangerous times due to technology, security and changes in morality.Use of personal safety alarms to help increase the number of staff safety

    Consider a worker at a factory who has to constantly supervise a large machine that manufactures meat products. There are undoubtedly heavy and dangerous parts that could crush or kill a human body; if there are any issues with the functionality of the machine, then it is critical that some sort of panic alarm system is available to either alert the proper supervisors or stop the functions of the equipment. Ultimately, the invention of new technology continues to require new safety measures in place to offset the risks.

    In our nation's prisons, many of them are often overflowing with inmates, and are often understaffed by security personnel. Some of the nation's jails are extremely old and do not stand up to modern penitentiary specifications. The needs then increase for those on security teams to have the ability to alert the necessary people if a volatile situation occurs. Security guards are often working alone, and require lone worker protection in the event that violence flares up among inmates. Ultimately, the best option for employees who work in any type of dangerous situation is to have the means for help or rescue should something out of the ordinary occur. With the risks of modern technology also come the benefits of inventions such as a wireless panic button to ensure that everyone can work in the safest possible environment available.

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    released by Mike McNesbyUtilizing a panic alarm system is an excellent way to reduce injuries in dangerous jobs.
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