• To draw an old wooden garage doors

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    When you drive off in the mourning your focus is on the road but when you pull into the driveway every evening the garage door is staring you in the face. Itís been neglected for a number of years, as the paint is pealing down to the wood bringing it dangerously close to rotting.

    †At this point the best thing you can do is take a sunny day and bring the door back to its glory days.

    Things youíll need: paint brush, roller, roller pan, quality primer and paint, a ladder, drop cloth, paint scraper, sand paper, caulk, work gloves,


    1. Begin by washing down the door ridding it of any dirt, grime, and residue, which will impede a good paint job. †
    2. Let the door dry.
    3. Place a drop cloth on the ground along the length of the door.
    4. Begin scraping any pealing paint off the door. Sometimes paint on asphalt becomes a pain to remove. The drop cloth will catch the dust and paint and hopefully prevent you from having to sweep it up. All youíll have to do is fold up the cloth and dump everything out in a barrel.
    5. After you think you finished scraping look over the door well to make sure you didnít miss anything.
    6. To draw an old wooden garage doors
    7. Sand down in certain places where paint edges may protrude.
    8. Empty out the drop cloth.
    9. Wash down the door again with a hose.
    10. Allow to dry.
    11. If there are any cracks in the wood door fill with wood putty or calk.
    12. If there are windows on the door protect edges with painters tape. Put down the drop cloth again.
    13. Prime the door with an exterior primer. Make sure itís a quality brand.
    14. Allow to dry.
    15. Apply a coat of paint and allow to dry.
    16. Apply a second coat of paint.
    17. Allow to dry.
    18. Inspect that you covered every inch. When itís done enjoy your handiwork and be proud.

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    Jakob Barry writes for Networx.com where you can find more information about†garage door spring repairs.
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