• Step by step guide, black mold removal bleach

  • You must have seen at least one mold in your house if you are living in a region where the humidity level is greater than 55%. Have you been ignoring the molds, thinking that it is not a matter to be concerned about? If the mold is greenish black, you should not be ignoring it. Black mold, or scientifically Strachybotrys atra, is very dangerous and deadly. Removing of black molds is very crucial, as it can cause life-threatening diseases.

    Black molds are self-replicating and spread very quickly; hence, they are very difficult to get rid of. Many people misunderstand that by keeping their spic and span clean molds cannot be in their houses. But, the truth is that even the cleanest house can be a home for this fungus.

    When you are living in an area with high humidity, you are prone to toxic fungi. Humidity is not the only factor that creates an environment suitable for molds. Leaky pipes can also become potentially dangerous. Often, these pipes go unnoticed, as the leaks are too small. Moreover, these fungi can attach themselves to the inner sides of the pipes, making it virtually impossible to remove without replacing the pipes.

    Step 1: Start by filling a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water. Make sure that it is not hot but warm.

    Step 2: Bleach is dangerous if the fumes are inhaled directly, and it can also burn your skin if exposed directly to the liquid; hence, wear gloves and a face mask.

    Step 3: Pour one cup of chlorine bleach to the water in the bucket.

    Step by step guide, black mold removal bleach

    Step 4: Take your scrub brush and scrub it over the mold affected area. After scrubbing, rinse off your scrub brush with water.

    Step 5: Next, apply the bleach and water mixture over the black mold.

    Step 6: It will give you the best results if the mixture of bleach and water is in contact with the black mold more than half an hour.

    Step 7: Dunk the scrub brush into the bleach water mixture, getting the bristles saturated. Scrub the wall with this brush briskly.

    Step 8: Rinse the area using cool water and finish the procedure by drying the area thoroughly.

    Once the toxic substance has been removed, you should spray a disinfectant in the room. Keep your rooms clean and as dry as possible and use a dehumidifier to prevent further growth of fungi.

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