• Set on the adventures of a DIY housing construction - 3 examples of imaginative construction only for the Y

  • 1. Shelves and Hiding Spaces Set in Walls - As an alternative  building shelves or investing in them and nail them into the wall, why don't you consider building small shelves right into your walls throughout the DIY house building process prior to adding on the interior sheet rock, paneling or pine boards.
    All you have to do is use small pieces of left over 2 x 4's that you will have from constructing and make shelves right into your house framing. You might wish to do this to inside walls not the walls protecting you from the external temperatures where you ought have maximum insulation.
    Obviously insulating the wall afterward might need a little more work with managing and cutting insulation panels but the fun and uniqueness of developing shelves like this for the rest of your days is worth the little added time. You could create little Nick Knack or shoe shelves.
    2. Secret Rooms - Set on the adventures of a DIY housing construction - 3 examples of imaginative construction only for the YRecall those movies that have revolving doors and secret chambers? Well, you can DIY (do it yourself) house build a small room attached to your house and make a door that looks similar to the wall that leads into your secret room. Or you could conceal the door by covering that segment of wall with a decorative blanket or elaborate rug or even make the door into a rotating book shelf. You can even utilize a secret room like this to conceal your survival food stores if you are into survival or want a more safe place for your costly or valuable items.
    3. Ceilings- When you DIY house build you can design your house as unique as you feel including a Ceiling and roof designs. For example you may perhaps create one roof section with a 5 degree slant and another with cathedral ceilings.

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