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  • This article outlines the things to consider when looking to buy a Numatic industrial dry vacuum cleaner. These industrial dry vacuums come with large capacities and are designed to work all day long without the need for being emptied. This range of industrial dry vacuum cleaners features Numatics Structofoam power heads. Structofoam is Numatics own material that is stronger than steel but still very light making it ideal for industrial applications where machines are used day in day out.

    When choosing an Industrial dry vacuum it is important to consider the following:


    If you need an industrial vacuum that is more portable and suitable for taking from site to site, and not to heavy to shift around then the NVQ570-22 and NVDQ570-2 are the vacuums to consider.

    If you need something a little bigger that will still be easy enough to move around, the NVQ900-2 , NVDQ900-2 and NTD750-2 are the machines to look at. They are bigger in size and therefore not quite as portable as the 570 dry vacuums. Select industrial Numatic vacuum cleaner

    The NTD750C-2 and NTD750M-2 provide additional levels of performance and filtering however this does make the machines larger in size and therefore a little less portable, these are really aimed at use within a single site where a heavy duty dry vacuum is required.

    There are three sizes of industrial dry vacuums available, the 570 vacuums with a 23 Litre capacity, the 900 series with a 40 Litre capacity and the 750 series vacuums with a 35 Litre capacity, but as above they provide better filtration.

    All of the industrial dry vacuums in this category have high levels of suction and Numatics structofoam head. The NVDQ and NTD models both feature duel TwinFlo motor systems that increase the suction power of the vacuums by double.
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