• Main bunk beds.

  • There are many different types of bunk beds, designed to satisfy everyone's needs. I want to talk to you in this article about the main categories of bunk beds. First of all, for those of you who don't know how a bunk bed looks like (although I am pretty sure that there are few of you out there in this situation), it consists of two bunks one on top of the other, sustained by four solid poles.

    This main as well be our first category, the classic bunk bed. They are not complicated at all (bunk over bunk), cheap, easy to make if you want to try by yourself such a project, safe and fun. They are made from different materials, the most common one being wood. Steel and aluminum are very often used in building a classic bunk bed.

    The lofts are the next category of bunk beds. They are designed not for two, but for only one person. Why? Because the space where the bottom bunk should of been is occupied by a desk where the child can do his homework. It is also a great space saver and offers the room a nice look.

    L-shaped bunk bedsMain bunk beds. consist of two bunks, but they are not one on top of the other. They are designed so that they form a right angle at the corner of the room. Under the top bunk is now created a great space to place a desk or create some space where the kids toys can be placed.

    Futon bunk beds is our next category. The upper bunk is at his rightful place (as in every case); the difference is that the bottom bunk is replace by a sofa that is great during the day for hanging out and watching TV or reading books. At night, it can become a bed.

    Themed bunk beds are the last category, which is also the most exciting. This category has the most fans among the kids. They can play with a bunk bed that is shaped as an animal, castle, race car or space ship.

    These are the main bunk beds categories. If you want to buy each one, remember to look for one that meets all safety rules.

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