• Low-carbon economy accelerated environmental testing new technologies

  • Except adjusting and controlling the domestic room rate and inhibiting the monetary inflation, noisy at the meeting in Copenhagen at the end of 2009 the bubbling with noise obligation emission reduction problem will be the great challenge which China faces. European Union may place obstacles in this respect for China. For example U.S.A., France whom country put forward discharge the special tariff to highly energy-consuming the intersection of products and carbon dioxide imposed to import, namely carbon tariff or becoming the new problem that the Chinese products face while exporting in the future.

    A few days ago, printed and distributed the notice of " environmental monitoring main point in the whole country of 2010 " to the drawing room in environment protecting mode of regional city in the form of handling File No. 1 of 2010 in ring in the intersection of country and environmental protection department, what has carried on the environmental monitoring of 2010 again is arranged.

    Israel in 2010 " Adjust the structure " It is one year of the keyword, energy-conserving emission reduction becomes primary task. Reduce disposal of pollutants, strengthen the key engineering construction of energy-conserving emission reduction, strengthen ecological protection and environmental improvement, for realizing the energy structure makes the transition, controls environmental contamination to have important meanings, among them environmental test becomes important links.

    Though in 2009, emission reduction achievements are gratifying, by the end of 2009, I " 11 five " The emission reduction task of the sulfur dioxide confirmed while planning has already been finished one year ahead of time, 96.6% of quantity that chemical oxygen demand has accomplished the task of subdueing too, it is not suspenseful to realize the goal of emission reduction this year. However, so far as our country's present current situation, the environmental problem is still unusually severe, energy-conserving emission reduction still remains to capture., " 12 five " It is of great significance to do a good job of the planning of energy-conserving emission reduction, this determines the environmental monitoring should be more systematic, more overall in 2010, more normal. Regarded as " Form a connecting link " Important for one for year," the 2010 monitoring main points environmental " distinctive quality conspicuous too.

    Recently, the enviromental protection department assigned and printed and distributed <<Country's enviromental protection " 11 five " Plan to decompose the scheme in task >>,Point out clearly, the relevant department must shoulder the responsibility of building advanced early warning system of environmental test in this task decomposes the scheme: Advance the standardized construction of environmental monitoring station at all levels. By 2010, 80% of the environmental monitoring stations at county level reach the construction criterion; Build environmental quality monitoring networks such as national air, surface water, offshore sea area, radiation, ecotope,etc.; Build the supervising monitoring system of key pollution source; Build the automatic monitoring system of key pollution source, real-time monitor the blowdown state; Build the coal-fired online monitoring system of power plant preferably. We can say, with the enhancement of the environmental monitoring of the country, the demand for the non utility electric installation of environmental test will become more and more vigorous, this will be a market full of enormous potentiality.

    Low-carbon economy accelerated environmental testing new technologies

    Until whom trade deep plough empirical to grind auspicious group, think the intersection of environmental protection and automatic industry upgrading market prospect optimistic for many years. To the attention of the environmental protection work with the country at present, the application of environmental test will be more and more complicated, the requirements for intelligent, reliability of the apparatus are higher and higher, it is low to handle the characteristic, distal data acquisition unit & mdash with simple function; — This stage of the backout progressively of the chance of the one piece, an irreversible trend is that the embedded platform will be developed on a large scale most. In terms of automatic industry upgrading trend of whole environmental protection of our country, on-the-spot apparatus of layer walk in the intelligent road. Meet a localized one at present, the intersection of environmental protection and automatic industry upgrading tend to apparatus miniaturized exclusive to take further in the future, meet reality's needs further, more flexible and more convenient. This forces unattended intensity of environmental protection equipment to improve accordingly, the automatic industry of environmental protection faces the staging, the computing platform of the low-end will not meet the demand developed and used unless promote, these have brought challenges while bringing the opportunity to development of enterprises too.

    Though the automation in environment protecting mode of our country relatively starts late, the protective infrastructure construction of environment of our country is being launched on a large scale at present, the automatic industry upgrading of environmental protection does not get rid of the possibility of presenting explosive development a certain period. And the completion of whole industry upgrading needs all enterprises on chain of this industry to make joint efforts, the development of China environmental protection automatic industry needs all inner enterprises of the trade to promote together. Grinding the auspicious pollution source monitor system not merely can control gas pollutant such as the sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, and can monitor liquid pollutant, has realized the characteristic that the real time data monitor on one hand, satisfied the environmental characteristic of monitoring with wide dispersing, distribution limit of the monitoring point at the same time.

    " environmental monitoring main point in the whole country of 2010 " has carried on all-round arrangement for conventional work and key work of environmental test of 2010, and emphasized emphatically " 12 five " Establishment of the undertaking development plan of environmental test. So not merely guaranteed the sound development of the environmental monitoring, promoted the smooth implementation of the energy-conserving emission reduction job at the same time. The policy will not work its magic on the aspect of theory if the policy stays forever, really put into needing the working in concert of every relevant department of practice, and the cooperation of enterprise, as grinding such a high-tech enterprise auspiciously should offer corresponding technical support at the same time.

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