• Flame-retardant treatment: common use of

  • A fire retardant is a chemical that can be sprayed on porous surfaces to decrease the likelihood that they will ignite if exposed to flames. This can provide significant protection to people in situations where fires often occur. If you are wondering about the need for this type of treatment, here are some common times these chemicals are used.


    A roof can be treated with a fire retardant to protect the building. This is particularly important in areas prone to wildfires as well as buildings in close proximity to one another. A dry, untreated roof can cause a building to go up in smoke in just a few minutes with nothing but a single spark from a wildfire or an adjacent building that is burning. Treating a roof can be the first line of defense against fires for your home or commercial building. Some roofing materials automatically come with these chemicals applied.


    Curtains can be a common source of fires, whether on stages or in homes. A small spark can quickly ignite the entire piece of fabric, leaving the whole building vulnerable. This is particularly dangerous on stages where lighted stage props and hot stage lights increase the risk of sparks. By treating these fabrics prior to use, you can decrease the chances of huge fires, even if a spark and some smoldering does occur. This protects everyone in the building and on the stage as the case may be.

    FurnitureFlame-retardant treatment: common use of

    Many types of furniture can be treated with a fire retardant. Doing so will help prevent the spread of fires if the furniture catches a spark. Often mattresses are treated in this way to prevent fires caused by malfunctioning heating blankets and other bedroom appliances or electronics. There has been some concern about off gassing, particularly when these chemicals are used to treat mattresses, so you may want to research that before purchasing one that has been treated.

    Artificial Flowers

    Artificial flowers are often used in centerpieces, and sometimes those centerpieces also include candles. Placing fabric that close to an open flame is the recipe for fires, especially in a setting where the candle could easily be tipped by someone in a crowded room. For this reason, some artificial flowers are treated with chemicals to slow down inflammation prior to being sold. If you are setting up a centerpiece that includes candles and cannot find treated flowers, consider having them treated.

    Can It Be Treated?

    The key to using a fire retardant is finding a surface that can be treated. In order to work, the chemical has to soak into the product. This means it has to be slightly porous, but figuring that out simply by looking at the item or feeling it is not always easy to do. To test the surface you are considering treating, drop some water on it. If it beads up and runs off, you cannot treat the surface with a fire retardant. If it soaks in, then you can treat it.
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