• Design Trends for 2011

  • So 2011 is here and what are the top 5 design trends that will appear this year, or will carry on from last year. Many of us will be keeping an eye on the pennies and therefore bargains are going to be swooped on very swiftly. You may have noticed the sales started before Christmas but there are many that started in tradition with January, some of the best savings can be found in bedroom furniture and soft furnishings.
    Design Trends for 2011
    The trend for animal wallpaper will continue, mainly in monochrome themes. These wallpapers are very effective for a statement wall if using the large or flamboyant designs. However, is using a slightly muted butterfly effect, all the room can be encased within. An excellent idea for those on a minimal budget is to get crafty with stencils and update bedroom furniture with animal motifs, or even on plain wallpaper.
    Design Trends for 2011
    Tartan is another key trend, possibly due to the cosiness of it amongst the cold winter besieging us at the moment, but tartan in it s deep reds and greens has an air of opulence about it, in a manly way. Expect to see many soft furnishings in this warm material. Even, if you just opt for plaid throw, this will be ideal for covering your legs under your desk, when it’s a bit chilly.
    Design Trends for 2011
    Bean bags and pouffes have never really gone out of fashion, they have always been there, but this year could be the year of the total relaxation and comfort. With so many fun and cosy designs to choose from, it would be silly not to grab a great design. Bean bags are ideal for children’s bedrooms or as extra seating in the front room, even your pet would like a new addition to curl up on. Plus with modern bean bags, you can match them to your interior design. If your bedroom furniture is high gloss, then an elegant leather bean bag chair would be a design match in heaven.
    Design Trends for 2011
    Storage jars, will be a big hit in the kitchen this year, think of those traditional flip top jars, where you can store all those essential ingredients. Even if you can’t cook anything except microwave food, at least with these stylish jars, it looks as though you can create feasts fit for royalty.
    Design Trends for 2011
    Still keeping with the Kitchen idea, tea towels come to mind, as we are pinching the pennies this year; we’ll be looking to enhance our homes for minimal amounts of cash, and what better way to spruce up a kitchen than with teal towels. There will be a wide variety to choose from and some will look like works of art rather than a functional cloth. The good news is, that with this trend it can suit anyone’s budget.
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    Philip Sedgefield is an interior designer who has worked on many home improvement projects including bedroom furniture and home office furniture using original and unique designs of home furnishings including wardrobes and desks.
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