• Cleaned daily danger, and how to avoid them

  • Were you aware that cleaning house can be deadly? If you arent careful during your routine chores, you may unknowingly make yourself sick or harm yourself on accident. Here are some common dangers you might be subjecting yourself to everyday.


    Most people wait until their sponges are practically crawling across the sink before replacing them with new ones. To keep your family healthy and safe, replacing sponges quite regularly is your best bet. They are great at absorbing things as well as trapping those things inside the material. Bacteria and viruses can easily get sopped up and will start to multiply over the surface, meaning that the dishes you eat off are being scrubbed with germs. To make it a habit when cleaning house, buy packs of multiple sponges and rotate them regularly. Take a sink sponge that was once used for dishes and demote it to a floor or spill mop. You can also use older sponges safely to wash cars or outdoor furniture and other dirtier items. If it smells or has turned colors, dispose of it immediately.


    Concern over the ingredients used in house cleaning products has been a hot topic recently. There are plenty of eco-friendly and organic products and options available. Often times when bought at the market, these are priced quite a bit higher than traditional chemical formulas, but many find the cost worth the peace of mind. There are also several websites that offer low cost house cleaning ideas using items you normally stock in your home such as baking soda, lemon juice, and toothpaste to help you tackle stains, rust and other problems. Cleaned daily danger, and how to avoid them

    Typical house cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals like bleach, ammonia, lye, and chlorine. Prolonged exposure to the fumes, contact with the skin (especially mucous membranes like the eyes), or ingestion of such chemicals can cause serious and long-lasting medical problems. Burns, sores, damage to internal organs, and even death are all possible consequences if these items are used incorrectly. To avoid potential dangers, follow all instructions and ensure the area is well ventilated by opening windows or doors. If you come into risky contact with a chemical, rinse the area immediately with plain water, however, some products may provide emergency instructions on the back of the bottle that you should follow first. In case of doubt or severe pain, contact poison control immediately.


    Whenever you decide to tackle that long-term house cleaning project such as, organizing the garage or venturing into the attic, there is a chance you might encounter an unwanted pest that might be harmful to you or your family. Insects are a serious concern. Most are harmless, but there are some poisonous spiders such as the black widow or brown recluse that might be located in your area. These can cause painful bites that will require medical attention. Other insects that commonly nest in homes include termites, ants, wasps, and mosquitoes. All of these should be approached with caution and eliminated by professionals if they have nested.

    Other pests you may encounter on an atypical house cleaning project include larger creatures such as skunks, rats, raccoons, or even bats. They all can make a cozy little home for themselves in yours, and can carry diseases including rabies. If you come across any of these, barring the solitary mouse (which more often than not is a sign of several more), contact animal control for assistance.
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