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  • There are several types of commercial carpet cleaners depending on their utilisations. The lighter commercial cleaners commonly have 60 psi pumping pressure level tanks that are used to store its cleansing solution with retrieval water system at about 4.5 imperial gallons. Water column rise measurements 80 to 100 column inches, the air flow has a range of 90-100CFM and the head of the jet wand is 10 ins in width. The proper commercial types are of course bigger and have better performance specially on larger and wider areas that can be more soiled and needing more heavy duty tasks. It can hold bigger capacity of water and longer jet wands.

    Its pressure levels up to 100 psi and the water column raises 150-200 column inches. It has a vast solvent storage tank that can contain up to 17 imperial gallons. The flow of air of extraction can reach out to 200CFM and it has 12-inch duple head wands. Commercial carpet cleaner is really ideal when utilized at home and other more busy areas like the places of work, medical places, establishments, etc. all of which requires big clean-up. The most lasting one is the industrial level cleaner so it has more raised pressure level and higher column lifts covering longer and wider quads. Choose the best carpet cleaner

    Before purchasing your commercial grade carpet cleaner, it is of last importance for you to know that hot water should not be used over wool carpet because it will cause shrinking to the fibre. You also take note that blood stains and other liquids that are colorized will have the tendency to stay into the carpet. It is consequently wise decision to use commercial carpet cleaners when you need a tidier and cleaner result to get back the lustre of your carpet. To help you to be more comfortable to use these stuff.
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