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  • A window installer can put in some highly efficient replacements to save money on homeowners’ utility bills. Energy consumption is bad for the planet and terrible for the consumers’ wallets. It costs lots of hard earned cash to heat or cool a house. Having efficient windows, skylights, doors and insulation can keep the frigid temps at bay in the winter and the sweltering summer temps outdoors where they belongs. Here are some things to think about when considering installation of upgraded products:

    - Energy Star Products: When a product has earned the “star” label, it is for a good reason. These items must be proven to cut down on fuel consumption from 7 to 15 percent. Not only does this reduced consumption save natural resources and money for the consumer, but it cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. The government offers tax credits for the products with this rating.

    - Utility Bills: The average American family pays a couple of thousands of dollars to keep their home heated in the winter. By installing efficient doors, windows, insulation and skylights, they can shave $200 off their annual bills.

    - Double paned: Old fashioned windows were made from a single sheet of glass. This was an invitation to high gas and electric bills since there was very little insulation in this device. By pairing two sheets in a double paned product, an insulating quality was achieved while retaining the clarity.

    - Weather stripping: Weather stripping around all entrances and exits within a home can add another layer of protection against the elements.

    - Caulking: Caulking around windows, doors, light fixtures and any other possible leak will make a big difference. Sealing the comfortable temps inside a house is one of the secrets to keeping inhabitants comfortable and keeping bills manageable.Carpet cleaning concept

    - Tinted or Solar: Just like the tint in sunglasses provides shade to the eyes, tinted panes in a house offer protection from the sun as well. Privacy and shade are added by simply tinting the glass. These solar products also cut down on harmful UV Rays and glare.

    - Types of products: Homeowners have an array of products to choose from when remodeling or building a home. Some examples include sliders, storm, bay, bow, double-hung and casement windows. Skylights and sunrooms add a nice touch, as well.

    - Awnings: An awning or overhang also adds an element of shade and efficiency to a home. Awnings and overhangs come in a variety of colors, materials and styles to make each home look more attractive.

    - Blinds contained by windowpanes: Mini-blinds can be hard to keep clean. Encasing them between two panes of glass that are set in a sealed frame can be the answer. Built-in blinds can make a design statement and give privacy and shade, too.

    When a homeowner is ready to call on a window installer, he or she should get some word-of-mouth referrals, visit the showroom, check out the website for information and then make a call for an in-home estimate.
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