• Battech the introduction of new environment-friendly, pre-charged AA consumer battery

  • May 18th - Battech International Limited a global leader in branded consumer and industrial batteries introduced a low self-discharge rechargeable is ready to use right out of the blister package. This new innovative product is shipped fully charged from the factory, this new technology offer to the end user the benefits of an alkaline cell with the re-usability of a rechargeable battery.

    Battech will brand this new product under the name of "go-eco", and will complement the current range of rechargeable NiMH batteries, said European Sales Manager Jamie Stockley.

    The great advantage of these new products is the shelf life performance, after 1 year storage the battery will retain 85 percent of capacity. This compares to a typical rechargeable battery that loses 2 percent per day. With the go-eco maintaining 85% after a year, this has enormous environmental benefits, as it virtually eliminates the need for disposable batteries, said Simon Lee-Overy, Battech International CEO.

    Simon went on to say that Battech International has always been environmentally concerned; we are continually working to bring to market "environmentally friendly" products. "Battech is a British company that not only prides itself on producing the safest advanced new technology, but also considers recycling as a very important par of our daily business; we are continually educating our customer and end users to do so as well."

    The key applications for this go-ego are devices such as remote controls, clocks, flashlights, radios or any other electronic device where alkaline can be replaced.

    The key benefits are:Battech the introduction of new environment-friendly, pre-charged AA consumer battery

    * Very low self discharge, which means the end user can charge them, then store them until needed, great for emergency use.

    * The Battech "go-ego" batteries are pre-charged, so ready to use out of the packaging.

    * Environmentally friendly

    They will retail in a two pack as well as four AA cells, and suggested retail price will be in the region of £16.99, for a pack of four-pack..

    CONTACT: 0871 550 0051,

    Web site: http://www.Battech.co.uk

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