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  • With the new spring season coming to life, I have decided to for some renovations on my house. All winter I have been thinking where to start from. I have finally decided to do my loft insulation first as this was the most urgent job. My family kept complaining all winter that the house was very cold and drafty. I had examined it and found out that the old insulation is damaged and doesnít do its job anymore. That is why I have spent several nights searching what type of insulation I should have and what are the most important properties it has to posses. I will share this with you and hope I can be of help for your future loft insulation.

    First, I will say that I love eco friendly products. That is why I insist my insulation to be made of sustainable materials. To me, the best choice is the stone wool as it has a long life as well. Once installed properly, it doesnít have to be touched probably for the duration of the houseís life. I am a proud father of four small children and one of the main and most important properties that the loft insulation has to posses is fire resistance. My children have a play area in the loft and I cannot always be there to monitor them. This way I can be sure that they wonít set the house on fire.

    I have already mentioned the kids. That is why the other feature I insist on is sound proof. I canít describe how noisy the house becomes especially of a night time when the children are too exhausted but they prefer to make noise rather than going to bed. With that property, I will have quiet nights in, enjoying a nice chat with my wife over a glass of wine.Attic insulation performance

    Last but not least is the moisture and water repellent feature. This is a big concern for me as my youngest daughter got ill from dangerous mould formation in our old house and to this day, she is still suffering from it. And with that property I will have no more leaks.

    I have found the best insulation on the market that has all those properties, very good sale price and lifelong guarantee. I advise all of you, when looking to do loft insulation, to do a very good research before you make your final choice. May be you have other priorities that you would like to see implemented in your loft insulation. Remember that this is a huge market that can satisfy even the most pretentious tastes. Do not delay to renew your old loft insulation, as this is one of the main heat retainers of your house. So in order to save yourself the reputation of the person that warms the whole neighborhood, renew your loft insulation today.

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    Now you are ready to buy loft insulation for your home (interesting to know is that the Danish term is Isolering af loft til dit hjem) and reduce your heating expenses. I strongly recommend, doing more research and reading more articles like this one.
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