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    Well, welcome to join the multitude of people you have tried various types with no effective results. As finding a effective diet specific for you is an elephantine job.here are many of us out there seeking diets that work. Unfortunately, there are many variables when it comes to dieting and losing weight.

    Most of us have tried a wide range of different diets in the hope of the finding the best diets. When it comes to losing weight and finding the best diet will vary from person to person each one of us are different and bodies working in different ways and this will depend on a number of different factors, which include lifestyle, calorie intakes and body type to name few.

    Outlining broadly three difference ways of diets that mgiht work provided followed dilligently.The work on a diet

    Count the calorie intake, though difficult in keeping track each time you eat. The trick is to eat in small portions rather than 3 full square meal.Avoid fried / junk food and plenty of water. Drink a glass of water everytime before you eat. This reduces the food intake and so does the calories you consume.

    Cut down on your carbohydrate intakes. Means the lesser carbohydrates intakes the better chances of loosing weight and better diet. Carbohydrates are very difficult to break down and are rich in fat and sugar. Persons with low metabolic mechanism would be benefitted by have NIL carbohydate meals. Atkins Diet works wonders if follwed properly like cutting out berad and other carbohydrate filled food.

    Watch your weight.many individuals have suceeded in reducing by being their weight watchers. They follow the meal intake diligently and break-up the meals in small portions in spaced out manner. In this way you can have your favourite food including desserts. This idea is to consume healthy food along with fruits, vegetables and even chocolates, but space them out evenly so that body metabolic mechanism works in optimum value. By this you can control the diet and also watch your weight.

    The best among the discussed and tried diets is the South beach Diet, designed by eminent cardiologist Dr.Arthur Agatston, who designed this programme for his cadiac patient.his diet works best when the person follows it and eats mainly the foods that are low on the glycemic index as this will help you to maintain the level of sugar in your blood. The South Beach Diet consists of 3 phases, whereby you wean away from the fatty / junk food and introduce meals or food which are low in carbohydrates and minimum fat contents, refined sugar trans fats etc.Over a period of time this diet works wonders on you. You are more energetic than before, loose weight and also maintain the weight. The diet focuses on clean eating therefore it consists of eating lean proteins, vegetables, fruit and also the fats that are actually good for the body.

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