• Symptoms and genital warts, genital warts treatment options

  • Genital Warts is a disease that is transmitted from one person to another through physical specifically sexual contact. Itís a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV), itís an STD virus so it wonít be transmitted by any other means. It cannot be transmitted in open air environment as the virus cannot survive in those conditions. They are abnormal growths in the genital and anal area that are uncomfortable to the victim & embarrassing. This virus is not gender specific so it can happen to both men & women. The situation becomes worse as there is no full proof cures in the medical world for this. Also the person who is infect canít be sure or it canít be obvious till the infection physically manifests itself

    If you search the web or otherwise by magazines, news papers, medical publishingís you will find many of the ďCURESĒ that aim to remove the symptoms of the virus as removing the virus itself is a tough job to do. Next to impossible if there is no cure. But there are remedies to minimize the disease. Symptoms and genital warts, genital warts treatment options

    There are many websites calming they have a good remedy for the disease but beware before clicking on any of the registration links or purchase links. There are many pranksters that commit fraud by selling a non working product or half baked cure that just camouflages the growths. Or more worse causing severe side effects because they might not have been tested. If they at least have a doctorís opinion or previous success details or details on how the product works it might be worth checking into. If the website is genuine then you can also ask the doctor for help online. Or visit the FAQ or blog section to see what people have to say.

    Other non online genital warts treatment includes the most common of them, surgery. Surgically removing the growths under anesthesia to that parts, laser removal, burn treatment, freeze genital treatment. Laser removal is what the name suggests. The growths are subjected to a strong laser that burns off the warts & remove them. Burn treatment is applying a cream kind of substance to the affected area. As the components & ingredients in the cream are of an acidic nature they burn the growths & eventually come off other burn treatment includes a medical iron which is painful. Some creams of this type may not be good as it may cause a reaction .Some creams are natural based and they are as easy as applying lotion, as they are mild. And there are many other natural based genital warts treatments that are worth checking out.

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    released by Caroline ForbesThere are many treatments to get rid of genital warts, to get the best genital warts treatment you need to visit a physician or a medical expert.
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