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  • Millions of people all around the world snore and when asked why they snore, they just stare in the sky. These same set of people, when asked if they would love to stop snoring, said yes. The question is, how can you stop snoring when you do not even know the reason why you snore? Knowledge of your problem automatically brings solutions. Looking for solutions without understanding the problem is like looking for a needle in a haystack; the chance of success is zero.

    Snoring is caused by an obstruction to the upper airways. This blockage can be due to a couple of reasons but in most cases, it is because the muscles of the throat are over relaxed, which cause them to rest over the passageway that air is supposed to flow in and out through. Here is a brief description of what happens when a person snores. As a person sleeps, the upper airway and jaw are relaxed. This causes a collapse on top of the upper airway. The lower jaw often falls back a couple of millimeters when a person sleeps too. The tongue base, which is attached to the lower jaw also drops back a few millimeters further while a person sleeps. All these events make the air passage very narrow for air to flow through. At times, this passageway may become closed up completely, restricting inflow of air for up to a minute. Such case is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

    Snoring ruins, it doesn’t mend anything. Many homes have been broken because of snoring. By snoring, you will deprive others of quality night rest and this may cause severe problems in your home. While some people can bear it, some cannot bear it for a minute.

    Stop Snoring Exercise ProgramStop snoring exercise program

    You can use a stop snoring exercise program to recondition and strengthen the muscles of your throat so that they are firmer. This will reduce the chances of these muscles falling back on the airways to cause blockage whenever you sleep. There are several stop snoring exercise programs that you can try but I am going to introduce you to one that is my favourite. It is my favourite because it works like magic.

    Make sure you spare some time during the day for this. About 30 minutes should do daily. You should take about 15 minutes to do basic exercise like jogging, running, skipping and whatever gets your heart beating faster. After about 15 minutes of exercise, get yourself in an upright position for the magical stop snoring exercise program.

    Open your mouth wide and sing out La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. If you have seen the movie, Sister’s Act, this was used as a voice training exercise. The only difference is that you are using this to shapen and strengthen the muscles of your throat. After each la, hold your breath over the syllable for about 3 seconds before going to the next one. You should be able to sing the nine “las” with one breath. Then move on to the next syllable, the Ka syllable. Sing Ka just like you sang the La. Then move on to Ba and to Ma. By the time you get to Ma, you should have used about 15 minutes on this exercise.

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