• In order to look your best, you should know about hair vitamin

  • Maintaining a full and healthy looking head of hair requires knowledge of proper nutrition and an understanding of the use of the best vitamins for hair. It is important that you strengthen your immune system and improve circulation to the scalp to avoid hair loss. We are going to look at some important vitamins that can help you do just that.


    The first place that you have to start in having a healthy head of hair is caring for your scalp. If you do not do this the scalp will become dry and unhealthy. Vitamin A does this by aiding in the secretion of oil called sebum. This oil is manufactured by glands in the scalp. Fish, meat, eggs and green vegetables can supply adequate levels of vitamin A. If these are not foods that you normally eat then supplementation is an excellent option. Vitamin A will also help to keep the immune system functioning at peak levels.


    B-Complex vitamins are water soluble vitamins which mean that they are not stored by the body. We use as much as is required and eliminated any excess through urine. This is the reason why they need to be replaced on a regular basis. Vitamin B12 is essential to having a well functioning nervous system as well as preventing hair loss. Vitamin B3, which you will also hear referred to as niacin, will aid in improving circulation to the scalp. B5 and B6 also play an essential role in the prevention of hair loss. Chicken, fish, egg yolks and whole grain cereals are all good sources of B vitamins.

    BIOTINIn order to look your best, you should know about hair vitamin

    Probably the most recognized B-Complex vitamin for hair is biotin. This is because there are several products that claim to be beneficial to healthy hair because they contain this nutrient. The truth is that because this is a water soluble vitamin it is not readily absorbed through the skin. These claims are more about selling product than providing you with a full head of healthy and beautiful looking hair. So do yourself a favor and save some money by get this either through supplementation or from the diet you eat. Brown rice, sunflower seeds and lentils are all good sources of biotin.


    Most of us associate vitamin C with cold and flu season. We have been told for years that it can shorten both the length and severity of these events. Another benefit that it has is that of being a very good antioxidant which can promote healthy hair as well as vibrant youthful looking skin. Foods that contain high levels of this vitamin would be tomatoes, green peppers and citrus fruits.


    We get a dual benefit from vitamin E. It increases the amount of oxygen being carried by the blood which improves circulation to the scalp and secondly it works to enhance the immune system.

    In conclusion, for a full head of healthy looking head of hair we need to combine a balanced and nutritious diet with the best vitamins for hair. This will assure the look that we all want for many years to come.

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