• Five muscle-building workout routine - stand out in the crowd

  • You need to know what muscle building workout routines to have in your muscle building program if you want to have the right results. A lot of people go to the gym and then do whatever exercises they feel like doing, with no real plan behind it.

    In this article we will focus on some top workout routines that can make a huge change in how your body looks and the results you are getting and if followed will make you stand out from the crowd.

    The Exercises

    -#1 Exercise:

    The first exercise is the squat. Squat is an excellent exercise for building core muscles on your below-waist area, specifically the legs, hamstrings, hips and your butt.

    It is important that you perform the squat exercise in your muscle building workout routines correctly, because you want to avoid the injuries that are so common in the world of bodybuilding. Either start out with a smith machine because of the support you can make use of and when you feel comfortable with it, use a barbell without support.

    -#2 Exercise:

    The dead lift is another great exercise for building your core muscles. It focuses on your whole back area, your hamstrings, and your neck and forearms just to name a few muscles.

    It is however neglected by many because of the high injury ratio, but if done correctly will have great benefits to it. Other than being a great core builder, it also gives you great explosive power that can be used in various sports.Five muscle-building workout routine - stand out in the crowd

    I will recommend that you get a waist-belt for the above two muscle building workout routines as it is a good way to prevent injuries.

    -#3 Exercise:

    Most bodybuilders have the bench press in their muscle building workout routines and We won’t be any different. The bench press is a great for your chest, shoulders and triceps. And like the other core muscles, the bench press also gives great explosive power that a lot of fighters make use of when fighting.

    Use your own weight

    -#4 Exercise:

    The pull up is a great exercise where you get to utilize your own bodyweight. It works on your back, biceps, and forearms. And if using your own bodyweight becomes easy for you, you can attach a weight-belt around your waist.

    -#5 Exercise:

    The fifth exercise in the muscle building workout routines is the dip. The dip is another great exercise where you get to utilize your own bodyweight. It works on your triceps, shoulders and chest. And as with the pull up, you can attach a weight-belt around your waist.

    The above 5 muscle building workout routines are great for building mass. But it is important that you perform the muscle building workout routines correctly to avoid injuries and benefit as much as you can from them and this can be done through a muscle building program or hiring a coach.

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