• Dr. Marina Gold Santa Clarita Ca With Her Anti-Aging Therapies

  • If you are like millions of people across the country, theanswer is probably in the hundreds of trillions.

    Dr. Marina Gold and her anti-aging therapies. Not only dothey work, but they are also monitored and if changes The funny thing was yourMom was right and Dr. Marina Gold, MD,withoffices in Dr. Marina Gold  Glendale and Dr. Marina Gold  SantaClarita Ca, will back your Mom up as the doctor’s anti-aging therapiesinclude doses of targeted antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins, all of whichare contained in fish. Dr. Gold is one of the area’s leading experts onfighting the effects of aging and knows that the use of proper supplements isessential to keeping your skin and body toned and looking good.

    Dr. Gold is a strong proponent of using supplements such asfish oil and eating correctly, as well, to help keep your brain sharp. Anotherbenefit is that using the antioxidants found in fish and fish oil helps torepair your body,  while it also helps toincrease burning body fat while, at the same time, increasing muscle mass. Dr.Gold attains these goals with therapies that include weight control programsthat also combine proper exercise programs to help build your body mass.Dr. Marina Gold Santa Clarita Ca With Her Anti-Aging Therapies

    What can this do for you? The answer is easy if you look atsome of the physiques of celebrities whose pictures appear in online editionsof various magazines such as US or People. By using the proper training andexercise techniques, while also eating right, some recent photos of variousactors who are well over the 50-year-old mark shows them with physiques ofpeople 20 and 30 years younger. Their skin also glows with a more youthful andradiant look.

    None of this is easy to achieve. It takes active work onyour part and careful monitoring by Dr. Gold in Glendale or Santa Clarita CAand careful program adjustment to ensure that you get the results you areseeking.

    Yet, while fish oil and fish and proper diet and exerciseare all tremendous parts of the tailored program that Dr. Gold and staff willbuild for you. They will likely have to balance it with IV therapies thatinclude hormonal replacement and the use of bio-identical hormones to helpensure your body retains a youthful suppleness. A prime example of hormonereplacement therapy in some men is the addition of either prescriptive amountsof human growth hormone or testosterone. In either case, patients are monitoredclosely, if they are on those therapies, to ensure that they are safely used.When it is time to either add or subtract them from your therapy, Dr. Gold andher staff, in consultation with you, will make sure that you are in the loopevery step of the way.

    If they have to add something to the mix such as Botox, theywill make sure that its use is targeted and that it is correctly applied.

    That’s the great thing about are needed, then they are made.Dr. Gold is very proactive, sometimes acting before you even know something hasto be changed.

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    In this article Dr. Marina Gold tell us about her anti-aging therapies, not only they work, but they are also monitored and if changes are needed, then they are made.
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