• Dr. Marina Gold Glendale anti-aging clinics calcium

  • That help can come from Dr.Marina Gold Glendale CA, whose anti-aging clinic, helps slow the effectsof middle age so you can look your best all the time.

    And, not only does Dr. Gold help you to look good throughthe by managing your lifestyle with proper weightmanagement, she also uses wrinklereduction therapies such as topical use of Botox to help keep you lookingyoung and feeling good. Actually, just the weight management piece of Dr.Gold’s expert assistance can not only help you keep your body contoured the wayyou want it to be.

    Dr. Gold, also a general family practice physician, and herstaff will map a health management plan that includes not only reshaping yourfood intake and eating habits, but they will also work with you to establish anexercise program that will help you to keep fit, while tightening and reshapingyour body. Proper nutrition is an important part of keeping your body fit andit also helps with other aspects of aging such as the inevitable “hot flashes”that many middle-aged people have. Those “flashes” – men to get them as well aswomen because their body chemistry is changing as well – can be controlled bythe right application of hormone replacement therapy.

    A positive side effect of hormone replacement therapy isthat the same hormones that are helping to keep the “flashes” from occurringalso help your skin retain its suppleness. And, whether you work with Dr. Gold in her Glendale or Santa Clarita CAoffice, you will be getting expert assistance as Dr. Gold and her staff areamong the area’s first experts in slowing the effects of the aging process.

    Dr. Gold, who uses Botox injections judiciously, alsobelieves that using the proper combination of therapies is the key to lookingyoung. Using IV therapies that include the use of bio-identical hormones, aswell as the application of human growth hormone therapy, keyed to each patient,Dr. Gold’s Santa Clarita staff helps her patients retain firmer, more suppleskin. In some men, testosterone therapy may also be required to assist. In allhormonal therapy Dr. Gold monitors its use so that the use of hormonesupplements and replacements remains safe and on track.Dr. Marina Gold Glendale anti-aging clinics calcium

    In another area where the Glendale office staff is in theforefront, using lasers to help fight the effects of aging, Dr. Gold’s useslasers expertly to fight spider veins, as well as in reversing the effects ofacne. Her use of laser technology for skin rejuvenation, while notrevolutionary, is still on the cutting edge of anti-aging technology.

    In all, Dr. Marina Gold, MD, believes a combination oftherapies is the way to go and she uses the latest drugs and therapiesavailable such as:

    1. ·        Radiesse
    2. ·        Restylane
    3. ·        Pressotherapy

    to shape your body and help you retain a glow of youth farinto middle age.

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    In this article Dr. Gold help you to look good through the by managing your lifestyle with proper weight management, she also uses wrinkle reduction therapies such as topical use of Botox to help keep you looking young and feeling good.
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