• 5 reasons why you should be cured by acupuncture allergy

  • Nearly one-third of the Americans suffer from seasonal allergies and though we have enough and more medicines to cure these allergies they come with side effects. Thus, many have turned to alternative therapy specifically acupuncture to cure allergies without any side effects.  Allergies are caused when allergens such as pollen, dust mites or animal dander trigger activate certain cells in the lungs and upper respiratory tract to release histamines that cause certain unwanted reactions such as itchy eyes or sneezing in the human body. Western medicine tries to inhibit the response through antihistamines present in drugs while acupuncture (one form of traditional Chinese medicine) tries to find the imbalance in the immune system to get to the root cause of the allergy.

    Acupuncture stimulates certain points on the surface of the human body through needles. These stimulated nerves activate the immune system and relieve certain cranial nerves responsible for the itchy eyes or the sneezing. This brings us to the top 5 reasons why acupuncture should be used to cure allergies.

    1.       No chemicals are used in the body hence there will be no side effects.

    2.       Addresses the root cause and followers have found the results to be more lasting.

    3.       Recovery is faster as some find immediate benefits within the first prick of the needles.

    4.       Promotes overall wellness and balance

    5 reasons why you should be cured by acupuncture allergy

    5.       Strengthens the immune system to prevent the condition from occurring again


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