• Why take a fixed rate mortgage

  •  A fixed mortgage is the most standard form of loan for home and product purchasing in the USA. Fixed rate mortgages are the most common ones and in the US about 75% of all mortgages are fixed rate mortgages. They are the most common and popular loans available because they never change so you know where you are financially.

    Fixed Rate allow you the comfort of knowing that your interest rate will not change during the term selected. They are helpful because they allow you to predict what your housing payments will be in the future. A fixed rate mortgage makes it easy to plan ahead, because as the name suggests, the interest rate on your mortgage stays fixed.

    A fixed rate deal is a mortgage that has a set unchanging mortgage interest rate for a given term. This in some deals can be over the whole term of the loan but will generally be over a 2, 3 and 5 year period this type of mortgage product will generally have early repayment charges that the lender will charge if the mortgage is redeemed within the incentive period and within any period that these charges would apply.

    Why take a fixed rate mortgage

    The length of the fixed rate may generally have early repayment charges that can even run beyond the set period. After which the fixed rate will revert to the lenders standard variable rate which is normally a higher rate.

    Penalties may be quite high to ensure the lender keeps you in the deal for a certain time. Fixed deals now can even come with flexible features such as over and under payments and payment holidays which can be very advantageous to the borrower if used correctly. The payment holiday and over and underpayments are usually associated with a flexible mortgage but may be a feature of some flexible fixed mortgage products.

    First time buyer may if lucky have a fixed rate mortgage that gives you a helping hand with no administration or arrangement fee, a free first standard valuation and no higher lending charge.

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