• How to create a risk for the company who checks?

  • - Overview

    Before getting into subjects like investigation management or human resource management, let's start by defining an entrepreneur. While most of us think him to be someone who has started and currently running his/her own business, in real, French economist J. B. Say had set the term to denote someone expert in exploiting every change for different businesses/services as an opportunity. So an entrepreneur can also be called an innovator.

    This innovation must also reflect from his strong and effective management policies, which shall keep employees from creating risks for the company they are working for. This calls for systematic and purposeful activities that eventually lead to strong investigation management and human resource management policies.

    - Risk Factors

    How much ever funny it may sound, but risks can be viewed as the value statements for an organization. A lot of people oppose this idea thinking it to be the best consolation to the fact that risk remains an integral part of every person hired by the company, but fact also remains that looks are deceptive; there's no guarantee that an employee shall turn out equally bright on job as on the resume. However, on the contrary, the opposite is also true.

    That doesn't mean one needs to stay away from risk; calculated risks are advantageous if applied properly with human resource management strategies. It should thus be treated as a cardinal aspect of HR functions that can encourage an organization's growth. Now, an estimate on all the factors from which risks (may) originate.

    i. Employees facing financial difficulties: In the subconscious, an employee thinks it's the managements ignorance on his well-being is responsible for the problem he is facing. This turns an employee averse to his employer.

    ii. Opportunities: This is something that a company delivers to an unsatisfied employee; if there are not present enough loopholes in a system, it can't be exploited. By providing opportunities, you shall only be encouraging an unsatisfied employee to turn to his dark side.How to create a risk for the company who checks?

    - Investigation and Management

    Protecting and enhancing a company's security requires following a few basic principles. That includes developing and implementing required measures and revisiting from time to time the security plans. That way, an individual assessment for the senior roles comes first, followed by noting the individual personality differences and development of leadership qualities with appropriate coaching methods. Together with an effective talent management system, detecting and measuring the potential present in every employee becomes easier. Furthermore, to discourage every employee falling victims to the urge of disemboweling your set empire:

    i. Secure every bit of data used by the company by protecting the passwords and change them at irregular intervals.

    ii. Don't keep your list of passwords open for all to see.

    iii. Adequate measure should be taken to prevent unauthorized access to the storage areas, including laptops and desktop computers, file cabinets or anything else falling to this category.

    iv. Never keep an employee's appraisals, perks or incentives pending. This may make him accumulate grudges and pour them out through the wrong vents.

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