• British credit crisis

  •  They have been large drops in the shares of the banking, property and major companies, which have reflected the pressure of the credit crunch and unstable economic future.

     As lenders look to be stricter with under writing policies a person could be labelled a high credit risk and adverse because of a minor financial error in their past.

     Lending standards are tightening significantly, the tipping point is not yet at hand so far, creditworthy borrowers do have access to credit. But lending policy is reducing  high loan to values, increasing credit checks and rejecting more high risk business.

    Currently stricter credit controls for borrowers should reduce the pool of potential buyers liquidity and affordability factors may stop some customers from closing, while others may find it more difficult to sell their existing properties.

    High borrowing levels and high house prices are now finally beginning to turn.

    British credit crisis

    This has had an effect to banking shares, that have recently dropped sharply to reflex the current market. Banks are nervous about lending each other money and this has greatly effected some bank systems for example Northern Rock. Their system relied heavily on other banks borrowings

    Late payments, arrears and defaults among adverse borrowers, who have poor credit or high levels of debt, are at a 10-year high in the US.

    Lower house prices continued to affect many areas of the USA as defaults continued to rise across all mortgage product categories, including good clean borrowers with acceptable credit histories.

    British credit crisis

    This is due to very bad lending where risk was too high but sidelined. Those customers now are struggling to refinance due to tighter controls and many are to be repossessed.

    Also UK's smaller businesses are potentially facing collapse as a result of the credit crunch, leading groups have warned, as lenders take back profit by charging the highest rate of interest on business loans since the late 1980s.

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