• Toilet Training (102): What you can do as parents to make toilet training easier.

  • Okay, so now your child has shown all the signs that they are ready to start potty training. Where do you start? How to you make it not so scary for your child? These are questions that people ask themselves every day. Here are a few suggestions for you to help out with the toilet training process.

    1. Take your child to the store and let them pick out their own potty.

    2. Once you are home, put it in place and let your child explore the potty. Sit your child's favorite stuffed animal on the potty and explain that this is where you go to the bathroom.

    3. Encourage your child to sit on the potty fully clothed.

    4. Give a simple explanation about what the potty is for. Use words that are easy for your child to grasp. (Example: This is where you sit to go tinkle and poop when you are ready to stop wearing your diapers.)Toilet Training (102): What you can do as parents to make toilet training easier.

    5. Make sure that you let your child see you go potty so that they understand what it is all about.

    Once your child is familiar with the potty, and will sit on it without resistance when you ask, make it part of your daily routine. Start with one time a day at the same time for about a week. Then gradually increase to once every hour or so, until they get the concept of feeling the need to go. Make sure to praise your child and make a big deal about the times they are successful. Don't make a big deal about the accidents or inability to go. After all, they are just learning.

    Above all, don't ever push your child to do anything that they do not want to do. This will only deter them from wanting to try it in the first place. If you are constantly on your child to go to the bathroom, your child will be less receptive to the whole process. Watch your child carefully. You will see changes in his posture like dancing around and facial expressions. This is your signal that he has to go. When accidents do occur, make sure to just clean up the mess and gently remind your child that the potty is where you go to the bathroom.

    You will be successful if you choose a time when there is nothing going on in your home or life. If there is something big going on in your life, avoid the potty training until it is over. For example, if preschool is about to start, do push your child to become potty trained. This will only prove to be a frustrating thing for both of you because there are big life changes going on for your child and they will most likely not cooperate with your attempts. Get rid of your deadlines and just let nature takes its course. Keep this in mind, I have never met a high school student that is not potty trained.

    The next step: Toilet Training 103: How to Curb your frustrations.

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