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  • With the busy world we live in it can be extremely difficult to find the time to go holiday shopping and with the way that the our extended families keep extending, the time it takes to make sure you remembered everyone can be daunting not to mention extremely expensive! However, with a little thought and a whole lot of planning you can easily buy for everyone you need quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

    The first step you take is to make a complete list and group it into several sub lists. For example, you can list it in age group, which can make group gift buying easier. You can list in relationship groups. Family member’s in one group, friends in another and business associates in a final group. After that, you could even sub group into age. If you have a well-defined list of people you wish to buy for it will help you when decide on what to buy.

    This season

    Once you have your list together utilize the Internet for gift ideas if you haven’t put “feelers” out already. Using the Internet is one of the easiest ways to put a list together and honestly, it’s also the easiest way to complete your shopping. However, for this guide, I’m assuming you love the hustle and bustle of retail in December! Se the Internet and decide on the item or items you would like to purchase. Write down each item and the store you would like to purchase the gift at. This will help you group your list by store once you have reached shopping mode.

    This season

    On a cost saving thought, if you are buying for children often a group gift is a great idea. However, this is where keeping a list of age groups will help. You don’t want to buy a group gift for age group one to seven. You might want to forgo buying a group gift for that one year old and possible opt for baby keepsake gifts instead. It’s not likely that one year old would appreciate a video game anyway and we all know that your six year old would not appreciate a rattle at all!

    Once you have your list together and you’ve picked out all of your gifts you must refrain from straying from your list. If you do that you’ll likely end up more frustrated and with less money in your pocket at the end of the season. The biggest pit fall to holiday spending is impulse buying. This is also where most people end up returning gifts because it was purchased hastily and without thought.

    A thoughtful gift idea will go a lot further then any impulse buy and you’ll have a more enjoyable and festive time during the buying process. Also, don’t forgot to have fun during the giving process. Many people focus so hard on buying that they never enjoy watching those special people open their gifts. This is often as hectic as the buying process. Take it slow and enjoy the season!

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    Author Kimberly Green feels baby keepsake gifts are perfect for baby showers and first birthdays
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