• Relieve your stress and

  • Sounds constitute a significant portion of our interactions with each other, and they also dictate much of our inherent behaviors. Many sounds even affect us on deeply personal, perhaps even emotional levels. An infant's laugh, a dog's bark, words whispered with a loved one, and the naturally soothing sounds of trickling water all elicit an emotional and behavioral response within us. Soothing, melodious sounds are especially effective at this. Some sounds induce a feeling of serenity and relaxation, while others serve to enhance and heighten our focus and concentration. Soft, innocuous sounds put us at ease and assist in relieving stress. One fantastic way to bring the soothing sounds of nature into your home or office is to install an indoor water fountain.

    The question is, then, how do these water fountain sounds alleviate your stress and help you concentrate?

    The answer lies in "white noise." This noise has gained a bit of a bad reputation lately, as many people who try to sell you things will declare "white noise" to be some sort of cure-all. It is not. There is nothing "magical" or metaphysical about white noise. It does not connect you with any kind of "spirit world," and it is not a panacea. So what is white noise? It is, in fact, a palpable pysical phenomenon that is scientifically documented in our natural world.

    What "white noise" really IS, is a sound that possesses multiple frequencies. It is special because it covers a particularly vast range of frequencies. That's all it really is. And it is a sound that is produced in nature via waterfalls, fast moving rivers, the crash and suck of tides, and so on. Indoor wall fountains are also great sources of white noise.Relieve your stress and

    On account of its wide frequency range, white noise will muffle out other noises, and some noises will be stifled altogether; meanwhile, the white noise is unobtrusive, playing softly in the background. What kinds of noises are masked? Clamoring traffic jams, yapping dogs, shouting neighbors, and the ticking hands of a clock in the last five minutes before the workday ends, to name a few.

    Instead of listening to these obnoxious peace violators, you can bask instead in the acoustic majesty of crashing water by installing your very own indoor water fountain. So, what we can deduce from this, is that white noise does not necessarily extinguish stressful and frustrating cacophony in your home or office; but it DOES muffle them, which affords you just a little bit more peace and relaxation than you would otherwise enjoy.

    A substantial amount of individuals agree thatthey love their indoor fountains, and that they often look forward to coming home and sitting by the relaxing decoration after a long day at work, enjoying the lull and relief a fountain provides. Many employers, too, swear by indoor water fountains, claiming that the decorative instruments actually improve overall employee morale and workplace amiability. Though there is no hard scientific data supporting this relationship, it makes sense: Without a doubt, you will find yourself less stressed if you muffle or mask the irritating and stressful noises you encounter daily. Ultimately, it is apparent that indoor fountains that produce white noise do not exactly "get rid" of stress inducing factors, but they do seem to reduce the quantity of stress and irritation you experience in your day to day life.

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    Wyatt Frisk is a freelance writer, a self-proclaimed indoor fountain expert and a fountain enthusiast. His goal is to educate people on the quality and usefulness of water fountains, and to share his appreciation with you. Visit him at FountainCrafters.com
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