• Natural ear candle soothe your senses of hearing

  • We all love to pamper our senses, isn't it?

    Nowadays, a number of therapies (such as spa, massaging etc) are gaining popularity among people due to their relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

    Ear candling is an age-old home remedy for getting relief from various types of ear problems. Ear candling is a relaxing and therapeutic method used for promoting ear health. It also provides a soothing effect that gives respite from stress or anxiety-related symptoms.

    Ear candling remedy is quite ancient. The history of this folk treatment can be traced back to the age of the Hopis. The Hopis had a great deal of medicinal and spiritual knowledge. They pioneered the ear candling technique. Natural ear candles (sometimes referred to as ear cones) are long strips of beeswax-soaked fabric wound into tight cone shapes (that's why 'natural'!). The fabric may be made of unbleached cotton. The beeswax is the best part of the honeycomb and is absolutely pure without any additives.

    The process of ear candling therapy:

    The pointed end of an ear candle is placed into the ear canal. The broad end of the candle is lighted. The wax burns down and melts within a few inches of the ear. The cone is allowed to burn down to an appropriate length. Afterward, the flame is extinguished and the remaining end of the cone is examined for toxins.Natural ear candle soothe your senses of hearing

    The heat generated by the burning natural ear candles softens ear wax that facilitates its easy removal. The burning ear candle creates a gentle vacuum that's strong enough to draw any impurities to the ear surface.

    Benefits of ear candling:

    Natural ear candles facilitate successful treatment of nose and throat congestion, sinusitis, headaches, tinnitus earaches and swimmers ear.

    Ear candling also helps to stimulate important acupuncture points and reflex zones that relaxes muscles. This helps to rejuvenate and freshen up. Relaxation of the ear muscles in and around the ear help the ear and sinuses to open up.

    So, cater to the needs of your senses and pamper yourself to get relief in today's hectic lifestyle.

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