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  • For those of us who enjoy wearing woollen clothing, it's clear that buying such garments is about much more than making a hurried choice. There are a combination of factors, each of which contributes towards us identifying high quality products.

    In some senses, our search for the right product may depend on its intended use. Wool tends to be seen as a material that is good for providing warmth. This is no coincidence and is linked to its natural properties, which sheep and goats like to take advantage of!

    If we're looking for a woollen jumper, for example, then we might judge its quality based on how thick the garment is. We often reason that more material will mean more warmth.

    Comfort is another factor. We may want something that does rather more than simply keeping us warm. We may want to maximise the amount of comfort that we derive.

    Wool is graded according to its quality and is rated based on a count of its microns. The best rated form of wool for clothing is what is known as ultrafine merino wool.

    Some grades of wool are not recommended for use in clothing at all and are much better suited for use in the production or rugs and carpets.Looking for fine wool

    As well as selecting products because they offer warmth and comfort, we are often interested in the design of an individual garment. Finding the right sense of style is important to many purchasers of clothing, helping to drive the global fashion industry.

    You may be surprised to hear that this is an ancient phenomenon. Indeed, during the Roman era, sheep were bred specifically to produce high quality woollen products.

    Dye was used to products clothing in a wide range of colours and designs.

    Today, wool retains popularity because it is a material that is easy to dye and hence forms a good basis for clothing.

    If you find a good supplier of quality wool then you'll find that a whole range of options open up before you.

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    released by Keith BarrettAn alternative to sheep's wool, is possum wool, as Keith Barrett found out. This article may be published on any website but this resource box must be included in full. The author retains all copyright.
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