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  • Everyone looks at the back entrance as the doors are opened. The music swoons and the bride slowly emerges to the ďoohísĒ and ďahhísĒ of the audience. The couple takes hands, the priest/rabbi/justice of the peace sayís the vows and the rings are presented. This is your wedding day and everything has been planned out to the last detail. The bride and groom will remember this for the rest of their lives. As a show of their union, the wedding rings will remain on their fingers Ďtil death do they part.

    While womenís wedding rings are a sought after, meticulously thought out purchase, any groom can tell you a menís wedding ring usually takes a back seat. Letís face it: itís the brideís day. Some might joke that the man just shows up and does what heís supposed to do and stayís out of the way during the brideís big day (not exactly true, but that joke has a bit of truth). Like any purchase, though, especially one youíre going to wear on your finger for the rest of your life, you should be happy with your final product. Thatís why the male wedding ring industry has been booming in recent years. Thanks to newly popular metals such as titanium, menís wedding rings have taken a big, and masculine, step forward in quality and style.

    One of the reasons why a menís wedding ring does not get as much attention as a womenís is that it has traditionally been a very simple, smooth ring. While a womenís ring usually has multiple (or one really big) diamondís, a menís wedding ring is usually a very simple, non grooved white gold or silver ring that is made to alert potential flirters that ďyes, Iím takenĒ but not much else. In other words, if you didnít look for it you might be surprised one day to actually notice the ring (no joke, I have a married male friend who I did not notice wore a wedding ring until he pointed it out). Let's talk about Men's Rings

    The new metals used by many jewelry makers have changed the way people view menís wedding rings. Titanium wedding rings are boulder then traditional metals and with or without a diamond (some prefer black diamondís to go with the coloring of the metal) they stand out in a way that bleeds both class and sophistication. Think of a titanium wedding ring as a high performance black sports car: it wows you with its sleek design and style, but also with its class and beauty.

    Words donít really do it much justice though. While it may not be for everyone, Titanium wedding bands are worth a look for any groom looking for something other than the traditional gold or silver wedding bands. It may change the way that people view wedding rings.

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    Author Kimberly Green's husband has a titanium mens wedding ring and it has gotten lots of attention because it is so stunning!
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