• How safe is your home, the danger from fire?

  • Fire safety is something that is often overlooked by many people. We all know that we should have a working smoke alarm in the home, yet many people forget to test them regularly. We all hear stories on the news about arson, kitchen fires and fires caused by cigarettes, but it is easy to forget that this can happen to anyone, and it is not just something that happens on the television.

    Below are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your family is protected from the dangers of fire:

    1. Make sure there is a smoke alarm on each level of your home
    2. Test the batteries once a week
    3. Change the batteries every year
    4. Be careful when cooking with hot oil
    5. How safe is your home, the danger from fire?
    6. Never leave children in the kitchen alone when cooking
    7. Keep sauce pan handles and matches out of reach
    8. Try not to overload plug sockets, it is safest to have only one plug per socket
    9. Do not smoke in the house
    10. Have an escape plan ready and make sure all family members know the drill
    11. How safe is your home, the danger from fire?
    12. Never try to tackle the fire yourself. Leave it to the professionals

    In addition to these simple procedures, you can improve your safety more by making bedtime checks.

    1. Keep door and window keys in a safe place where everyone knows
    2. Turn off all appliances, apart from appliances that are meant to be left on, such as fridge and freezer
    3. Close all inside doors to prevent fire from spreading
    4. Check that your cooker is turned off
    5. Turn off your washing machine
    6. Make sure there is a clear exit to leave the house if necessary
    7. Make sure candles are out properly

    If you follow the procedures above and teach them to all your family members you will greatly reduce the risk of fire in your home, and increase the chance of escape if a fire does start. To reduce the increase your fire detection procedures even more take a look at the Fire Angel range of wi-safe smoke alarms. This includes ionisation smoke alarms, optical smoke alarms, and much more.

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    Fire Angel provides a range of fire safety and carbon monoxide safety equipment. For more information visit www.fireangel.co.uk
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