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  • I remember playing on climbing frames when I was a child. They always seemed to be a popular part of any school yard or playground. They still have a part to play in encouraging outdoor activities.

    Climbing frames can be great - if you use the right equipment then they can ensure a safe playing environment, while also encouraging exercise. What make's them so much fun?

    I think there's a certain amount of excitement involved for a small child in using a climbing frame. Many are constructed in such a way as to allow very small children to access them, but to ensure that larger heights can be more challenging for older kids.

    They also provide an environment that is perfect for imaginative and sociable youngsters. A simple frame can soon be turned into the largest castle, with the help of a little bit of imagination.

    Modern equipment has tended to get larger and grander, though it retains many of the basics that have always made them fun. The climbing aspects of the equipment tend to have been added to.High-quality climbing frame

    You can now often choose to buy a relatively basic piece of kit and then look to add to it at a later stage. The basics might consist of the frame, plus a small den and a slide.

    Perfect for younger children - you'll notice that this type of equipment can keep them occupied for hours.

    Additional extras on higher specification sets might include swings or climbing ropes. All sets are aimed at being stimulating and about helping your children to enjoy playing outdoors.

    It's common for parents to worry about their children's health, particularly in relation to how much exercise they are getting.

    A climbing frame set is a great way of introducing kids to the wonders of the great outdoors.

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