• Hatteras hammocks: in terms of quality and comfort

  • Everybody loves a hammock. Hanging out in the cool shade or relaxing with a nice tall ice cold lemonade next to the pool is just about as good as it gets. Life is stressful enough, so taking time to relax is essential. Hatteras Hammocks focuses on helping people do just that. They started business almost 40 years ago, founded by a Mr. Perkins, who wanted to make a really good hammock. He has succeed. Over the years the company has continued to create products that have quality components: ropes, spreader bars, and strong stand welds come standard. So let's take a closer look at some of the products that Hatteras Hammocks puts out.

    First off are the classic rope Hatteras Hammocks. The DuraCord rope used to make these is soft like cotton and is made with double latch continuous weave. This makes the hammock really strong and reliable. This sort of rope also resists fading and stains. Hatteras also uses hardwood bars for spreaders that are coated in waterproof marine grade spar varnish for maximum protection against the elements. The metal parts used are coated in zinc so they don't rust. The DuraCord rope hammock weighs 14 pounds and can hold up to 450 pounds. Color is an option as well. They make these in white, red, blue, orange, and dark blue green.

    Hatteras hammocks: in terms of quality and comfort
    Speaking of strong hammocks, if you've ever been in a hammock when it breaks then you know the value of strong construction. I learned this the hard way one time while hanging out with my one year old son in a cheap hammock on the Oregon coast. We were happily hanging there when the rope gave way and we went crashing down to the ground. What's funny is that my spouse was recording us on the video camera when the fun happened. At least someone got a good laugh out of it. I didn't. It hurt. If I had had one of the DuraCord rope Hatteras hammocks, I would have been spared the trauma and indignity of it all. Oh well.

    Hatteras hammocks: in terms of quality and comfort
    Then there are the woven Hatteras hammocks. These are much more comfortable in my opinion than the rope hammocks because your body is supported more evenly. Plus, you still get the free flow of air like you get from a rope hammock. They are attractive and strong. The same quality materials go into constructing these as in the other Hatteras hammocks. Solid hardwood spreader bars coated with spar varnish and zinc plated hardware. Two people can easily get on these together as they amply sized.

    Hatteras hammocks: in terms of quality and comfort
    Finally, Hatteras Hammocks makes large quilted hammocks that offer the maximum amount of comfort and quality. Getting onto one of these is a real treat. The same DuraCord rope is used at the ends, and the fabric is filled with cushioning poly batting. They use rust free brass around the edges for the hammock itself to be supported by, and the spreader bars are coated with multiple layers of varnish. The fabric resists mold and mildew and yet remains soft over time.

    Hatteras hammocks: in terms of quality and comfort
    Grab a cold drink and your favorite book and spend some time in one of the many Hatteras Hammocks. The quality and comfort of your life will soar. Happy hammocking!

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    MJ is a freelance writer for Clickshops, Inc. where you can find a great selection of Hatteras hammocks for your home at www.hammockpotato.com.
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