• Fire Marshal - not an easy task

  • As it is very difficult and a time-consuming process to be a doctor, engineer, scientist or a detective in the same way it is very complex to be a fire marshal. It is the fire marshal who evaluates the pros and the cons of the fire related issues. He has to see that all the areas put under his charge are absolutely free from the risk of fire. He must intervene, elaborate, and study the various effects and ill-effects of the fire. He must also ensure that the people around him use all the necessary fire safety equipments. In case, any mishap happens around him he may be help responsible for the whole incident.

    Thus, it is very important for him to minutely study the various aspects and prospects of fire. In case he plays a very special role pr make an extra-ordinary achievement than he might be rewarded in the form of a testimony.

    A speed detection handler Paul Horgan exclaims that this job is not easy it takes a lot of things to be a fire marshal. This job consists of high responsibility. The marshal needs to take good care that the surroundings around him are very safe and free from fire. A marshal must take appropriate photographs at the place of the accident, collect appropriate evidences and formulate accurate plans and policies to cope up with the risk of fire in the future. Fire Marshal - not an easy task

    It is also very important for a marshal to find out the particular cause due to which the fire had occurred. This analysis is very important to judge the particular consequences due to which fire takes place. A marshal may also be approved to a particular institute or a university.

    This will increase the responsibility, authority and credibility of a marshal. This also helps a marshal to serve his people more tactically and technically. He can also very easily determine the cause of the fire. If a person is from electronics, civil o mechanical fields than he can very easily be a marshal.

    Since it is a job of great responsibility it should be performed with utmost sincerity. The fire safety rules should also be performed while preparing a new house. This will help to reduce the loss to be borne in case of a fire accident. Thus, the building material to be used should be of very good and durable quality.

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