• Chesterfield sofa - royalties Mark?

  • When you hear certain names you stand up and take notice. When these names are mentioned you associate their product with class and style. In the automotive world Jaguar is instantly recognized and given distinction. Name recognition is definitely on the side of Bose in the audio world. In the furniture world few names carry the kind of recognition and instant status that the name Chesterfield does.
    Chesterfield sofa - royalties Mark?
    From the very beginnings of it's design the Chesterfield has been linked to royalty in more ways than just being found in the palaces of royalty. The Chesterfield is widely believed to have originated from a request by the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield. The Earl wanted a piece of furniture that would allow for sitting in an upright and proper position and still offer a very comfortable seat, so to this end he commissioned an well known cabinet maker.
    Chesterfield sofa - royalties Mark?
    A number of doubters have suggested that it is merely a marketing story that links the Chesterfield sofa to royalty in this way. The belief is that some people will buy these sofas thinking that they are somehow becoming members of an exclusive group. The Chesterfield sofa has become a standard in the industry of furniture. Whether it's royal claims had any part to play in that or not may never be known but no one can deny the classic good looks and comfort that these sofas provide.
    Chesterfield sofa - royalties Mark?
    With leather coverings, buttoned down sesats and rolled arms, the target was definitely royalty and the very wealthy. Chesterfield sofas are now affordable for most any family or individual who wants one. The cost of leather furniture in general has come down quite a bit in recent years and when you consider the quality and ease of cleaning and maintenance of a chesterfield, it becomes a very realistic option. The chesterfield can add class and sophistication to any room and its rugged design will last for a very long time.
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