• Baby furniture: a wonderful family heirloom, from generation to generation

  • Mass produced furniture has become very common as furniture outlets, low quality manufacturers and super store outlets become more prevalent.  Rarely can someone go to a superstore and expect the level of quality that would be expected from a piece of furniture that should be handed down as a family heirloom.  Quality standards of pressboard and wood veneer are far less than hand made hardwood furniture. The life expectancy of pressboard furniture is five to seven years with the latter being exceptional. In some cases, low quality furniture sells for similar prices as quality hardwood furniture. Which really makes the money spent on quality baby furniture a smart investment. 

    There are many pieces of furniture that can classify as family heirlooms but baby furniture stands out as an obvious choice given the fact that it connects a family in a very intimate way.  From a first-born child to grand children, a bassinet can be a beautiful reminder of a child’s first few months of life. When that child grows up and has a child of their own their old bassinet will serve as a warm reminder of the love that they experienced in those precious first days of life.  If that bassinet is made of quality hardwood and craftsmanship it’s easy to see why passing it from generation to generation would be a great way to build a family tradition.
    A baby’s crib and a baby’s first bed are also great family heirlooms because a person’s memories of those pieces of furniture will be newer and there is a great possibility that family member who grew up with these pieces of furniture will have fond memories of growing up using them. This will translate when they are the parent and their child is growing up.  Every time a parent goes into a baby’s room that furniture will surely remind them of fond memories from when they were a child and using the furniture. Baby furniture: a wonderful family heirloom, from generation to generation
    Not only does quality baby furniture serve as excellent items to pass down, they usually have quality standards that far surpass that of mass-produced items.  Hardwood furniture does not get brittle with age and can stand up to years of abuse because they can continually be refinished and polished to look new again. These are all benefits over garden-variety superstore brand baby furniture. Baby furniture: a wonderful family heirloom, from generation to generation
    Quality furniture is an excellent cost effective choice for anyone who is about to or already has a child because it will pay for itself over several generations. You can guarantee that you will not have to buy replacement furniture due to premature wear. When you add quality into the equations, high quality hardwood baby furniture will stand the test of time as a family heirloom.

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    Kimberly Green has spent time researching and looking at many types of baby furniture and has bought several pieces herself to use as family heirlooms.
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