• Alternative treatment of attention deficit disorder - ADHD have a natural remedy?

  • Parents with ADHD children know all about the difficulty of trying to raise their child properly and having to cope with the extreme behavioral problems that come with the disorder. In response to this new modern epidemic mainstream medical companies have of course made products that can help solve the child's problem (and their parent's frustration!) by the use of drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall. To compliment this many also send their children to behavioral therapy which is expensive and time consuming; a perfect combination for an industry trying to make money out of a serious problem. Recently however studies have shown that ADHD drugs do not cure the problem but simply put off the problem without curing it. Add to this that the studies show the drugs may stunt growth and may also cause long term problems that have not been totally confirmed and we can see drugs may not be the answer. So what alternative attention deficit disorder treatments are there and can there be a totally natural adhd treatment so that parents can be assured of a healthy and happy child, and do they work? Let's look at a few examples:


    One approach to changing a child's behavior that has become popular is to control, their diet to cut out certain foods and additives that promote hyperactive behavior and increase or decrease nutrients that help with focusing and calmness. This approach is often very healthy as the diets are usually quite good if not exciting. The biggest problem usually lies in sugar and caffeine but there are also many other surprising foods that may make more of an impact than you think. The downsides are that it is hard to get an ADHD kid to eat all the things you prepare as they are used to a different more exiting diet. If you can get them to stick to the changes there are many children who may benefit from this but not everyone has had immediate success with just this approach depending on the severity of their disorder.

    Behavior modification programs

    This is a system of changing the way a child acts by rewarding them for good behavior and not giving in and giving them what they want for bad behavior. While most parents do this to a degree anyway many have taken this to a new level by making it into a game by scoring the child and promoting active tasks. While this may not eliminate ADHD it can modify some more antisocial and aggressive behaviors if you can channel that energy into useful things. Not all children take to this however and it can end up being a battle to get them to participate but still a large number of people have managed to turn the whirlwind energy of the child into a force for good!Alternative treatment of attention deficit disorder - ADHD have a natural remedy?


    This is a newer treatment that revolves around the brainwave patterns that an ADHD sufferer experiences. By measuring brainwaves through a machine it is possible to adjust these patterns by rewarding the right brainwaves via a computer game or some other learning tool, when the person does the right thing mentally they are rewarded and the brain responds by adjusting the way it behaves. This is less invasive than it sounds as sensors are placed on the scalp to measure the brainwaves but no other equipment is actually touching the child. This requires some significant resources however and is not readily available.

    Auditory Integration Training

    There is evidence to support then notion that some learning disabilities ADHD included are a result of a problem with a child's hearing. Problems like this can cause a child to "tune out" or cover their ears or become aggressive when particular sounds or frequencies are heard. The treatment that goes with this focuses on using sounds that stimulate the possible problem areas of the inner ear and the way it interacts with the brain. By modulating and adjusting these frequencies it is possible to gain long term benefit to their hearing and also short term increases to attention span and social behaviors.

    As we can see there are many alternative attention deficit disorder treatments that do not require mind altering drugs but work holistically and naturally. Some even focus on simply redirecting the ADHD sufferers energy into beneficial things implying that it can be a blessing not a curse if refocused. In any event there are options for natural ADHD remedies that have had proven success!

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