• A little bit of love will ...

  • What is love? A ticklish sensation around the heart that can't be

    scratched? Something I earn when I do things right? Something I

    give to get something back? My definition is that love is a

    willingness to choose to see and respond to the best in another

    person, even when they are not experiencing or expressing it

    themselves at the moment. This gives you the opportunity to be

    loving, no matter what the other is doing! It also requires that

    you decide to give up petty (and not-so-petty) judgments of

    others and replace that with the willingness to see them in their

    best light. Quite a tall order!

    Now, how do you recognize love in your life? Do you have a

    well-defined way of recognizing love coming to you? Is it "it has

    to look, sound, feel like this or it isn't love"? Or, are you

    open to seeing, hearing and feeling love in many forms? You can

    miss a lot of love in your life if you have a narrow, restricting

    perception of which form is acceptable to you.

    How do you express love in your life? Familiar quotes worthy of

    bringing into application are "Work is love made visible."

    "Works, not words, are proof of love." and "Service is nothing

    more than love in work clothes." Consider your expressions of

    love. Do your words match your actions? Do you say you'll do

    something for another but "forget" regularly? Are you willing to

    match your walk with your talk? It seems to me to be a waste of

    energy to spend much valuable time talking about what I'm going

    to do, or what I think I should do, when I could be using thatA little bit of love will ...

    time for doing it!

    Love also looks a lot like time. When we say we love someone, or,

    for that matter, that we love to do something, the proof is often

    in the time we spend with the person or the time we spend doing

    the activity, isn't it? When I was seeing many couples in my

    counselling practice, I would often hear the pain as one partner

    expressed their loneliness, saying, "You do not spend time with

    me." The demonstration of love means spending time with those you

    say you love, doesn't it? We've all seen or heard stories about

    parents who were too busy and missed their children's childhoods.

    Regretting it later is not nearly as effective as doing it now!

    Remember, too, that you cannot give a gift you do not have. Be

    loving to yourself. Spend time with yourself. Know what you enjoy

    and do it! It is also important to have good communication skills

    so that you can communicate to others clearly when you think they

    are being unloving to you. I think it is unloving to allow others

    to be unloving to you. We are responsible for teaching people how

    to treat us! If you do not say anything, you are telling them it

    is all right with you.

    IMPORTANT: If love makes the world go round, we'd better do our

    bit because the world is turning at 2,000 miles per hour, and

    we'd get quite a jolt if it stopped.

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