• 3 Ways to Buy minus the big Halloween costumes

  • Its almost the end of September, which means before you know it Halloween will be here. Whether youre dressing up your children, pet or yourself for the big day, its easy to find a costume but the price tag may give you sticker shock.

    What if youcould get great costumes for less than $20? This leaves some money in your wallet and puts you or your kids in a great costume for trick-or-treating or hitting the local Halloween bash.

    Halloween Costume Resources

    • Thrift stores. These second hand stores are a treasure trove for Halloween goodies. You never know what youll find but its typically easy to find clothing and accessories to create costumes that range from a princess and abeauty queen to a biker chickand football player.
    • Online. Online costume shops offer a variety of costumes for every member of the familyeven Fido and Fifi. Buy Costumes offers the largest selection, lowest prices, unsurpassed customer service and most flexible return policy youll find in a costume shop.As one ofthe largest retailers of costumes on the Internet, you can find everything from Elvis costumes to the Little Mermaidsome as low as $5! You can shop the full range of costumes by cutting and pasting the following link in your browser http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-3534241-5021366.
    • Your own closet. Dont neglect the clothes in your own closet and the stuff that you have around the house. With a little imagination and your crafty skills, you may be able to put together a fabulous Halloween costume without ever leaving the house or spending a dime.
    • 3 Ways to Buy minus the big Halloween costumes

    Halloween can be a fun and exciting time of yearno matter what your age. If it leaves you broke from buying a costume and candy, then the fun may quickly vanish. Discover ways to create and buy fabulous Halloween costumesat great prices (sometimes completely free).

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