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  • What does best home theater actually mean? It's interesting but everytime we run into someone looking at establishing their own home entertainment paradise they often ask how do they find the best home theater.Reality is, getting the best home theater actually means what's best for the indicvidual in question. Does that make sense?Now before you go searching for the most expensive home theater on the market take a step back and do a little due diligence. Make a list of what you really need; whether you can start with some components now an add to the system in time and what your actual spending budget is. These are all pertinent questions.Best Home Theater In this article, we want to give you a guide to setting up home theater in your home and what it might cost you. There are a few variables to take into account. For example, you need to answer these questions:- are you going to start from scratch?- do you just want to upgrade what you already have in place?- or are you planning to renovate your entertainment area?If you are starting from scratch then are several alternatives. Today, big screen TVs are all the rage but look at the smaller screens before making a decision. A 27"-30" television plus accessories such as DVD means you will need to begin with a budget of up to $1000.However, if you already have a television and DVD player in place and are looking to upgrade to a better sound system, then your price reduces significantly. Purchasing a home theater in a box with the other components in place means you can budget for around $500 in expense.Your Home Theater Television ChoiceIf you are looking to upgrade to either a plasma or LCD television then you need to make a couple of major decisions. Plasma has long been regarded as the ideal home theater screen of choice because of it's size but LCDs have quickly closed the gap and are now getting much bigger in size.Either way, purchasing a large screen version in either plus accessories which may also include a vide projector set up and superior sound system, then your budget is going to balloon out to somewhere in the vicinity of $4000-$10,000. Remodelling Your Home Theater RoomMany home theater enthusiasts start out by incorporating an existing area as part of their plans but when the budget allows, they tend to upgrade. This can mean renovating an existing room including taking a wall out or adding extra features.Home renovations can be expensive and when you start altering the appearance of a room the cost can escalate. Budget for $10-$30,000 for this type of upgrade which may even include new home theater furniture.The benefit with this is adding extra value to your home but it is a commitment financially and avoid having to borrow money to complete this type of project. So having the best home theater means more than simply going out and buying the most expensive units on the market - it comes down to what you really want and what will satisfy your needs.
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