• Struggling artists in the world

  • Music is in our soul, we hear it, play it, and dance with it and even fight with it.

    Some people on this planet do all this and one more thing They live it every day, in every bone of their body. They dream about it and it's the main motivating force in their life. This is not an exaggeration, for those of you who never experience this feeling it will seem hard to understand how people can take music as something so serious and powerful, just as you might consider you children or you closest family.

    The people I am referring to are music artists. They refer to there lyrics and music as their children and every time they write something new they want the whole world to hear it, to give them an opinion about it. These people hopes and dreams are always around the possibility that people, as many as possible, will here their art and will appreciate them for it, worship them for it and off course, love them for it.

    So it's all about love, you say, well isn't everything? Everyone wants people to love them, and not just the ones that are close to them, but also almost every person they encounter with. And the 'Want to be famous' bug, it's in all of us, even if we don't want to admit it. Some people may even feel terrified about the possibility that they are going to live this world as they came to it Anonymous. Struggling artists in the world

    So these music artists have this bug and this desire to be loved by everyone in a much higher level then the rest of us. They are willing to do practically anything just to get their song heard by someone from the music industry, and then from there the rode is open for the world.

    The great phenomenon of American idol, and sister TV shows like this one across the globe, are attracting so many young, intelligent and talented people and they are willing to Suffer insults, resist fear and more. But there are others like this particular music contest, and these one doesn't require you to suffer any insults. I am talking about the new phenomenon of a songwriting contest on the web. There are many websites, some of them very professional and some a little less, and they all offer the opportunity to send them your songs and get them heard by people from the industry.

    So these beautiful people, that are only looking for love and appreciation of their art, don't have to suffer any insults, they don't have to get embarrassed on TV and hope that this time people will really hear them and not just wait for the next juicy comment the judges will though to the air. These people have a way to get into the industry and keep all their dignity to them selves.

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