• Rules to play internet bingo game

  • Bingo has been a poplar game over the years. It use to only be played at bingo parlors where everyone would come in, buy cards then take a seat and wait for the person to call the numbers out. Bingo can now be played at a parlor or on the internet.

    The rules for online bingo are basically the same as what you may be use to in a parlor. When you go to a site for playing Bingo one of the first things you will have to do is read the terms and conditions then agree to them. If you do not agree with the terms then most of the sites will not let you proceed.

    Once you have found a site you would like to play internet bingo on, you now need to decide how many cards you would like to play. You can just play one card until you feel comfortable or you could play many. The cards are five rows and columns horizontal and vertically. They are randomly numbered from one to seventy-five with the center square being a free play spot.

    When playing bingo online usually on the top of the screen you will see the design that needs to be completed for calling bingo. Every once in a while you will see a blackout design that needs completed. This means every square on your card needs to be covered in order to win.Rules to play internet bingo game

    When playing online bingo it is a much faster pace than sitting at the parlor. At the top of the screen you will usually see a container spinning around with the balls in it. The balls are usually sucked out of the container then a voice will call the letter and the number out. If you get behind it is OK because there is a board on the screen that marks everything that is called. The board comes in handy if a person is playing several cards at once and happens to get confused.

    Since you cannot shout bingo because you are online you will find a bingo button located usually right above the cards you are playing. Once you have the required design you push the button. The game will stop for a few seconds while the computer verifies you numbers. If everything matches then you win the prize, but if your numbers do not match you will receive a warning and the game proceeds. If more than one person wins than the prize is split between all the winners.

    When playing online bingo you will still have the chance to talk with others just like you would if you were playing at the parlor. There is usually a little chat room set up so at anytime people can ask questions or just make new friends. This helps to give the game the same feeling of being around others.
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