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    New York, NY--May 2, 2005--The ever-experimental rock stalwarts Transcendence have turned the tables again and released a stunning new album entitled Nothing Is Cohesive. Coming off of last year’s harder-edged modern rock manifesto Sleep With You, which yielded the hit singles Superhero Girl and Minnie Driver, Nothing Is Cohesive is the band's third release and may be their best to date. Lead singer Ed Hale and company continue to draw influences from the classic rock and pop sounds of the 60s through 90s while employing modern day studio techniques and production to give their music a sparkle and alternative flair most indie bands strive for, but rarely attain.

    Nothing Is Cohesive features the austere and poignant lyrics the band has built their reputation on…literate, thought provoking and oozing passion- no matter the subject, they drive the feeling home on every track. The colorful artwork on the CD cover pictures swirling red images, giving the introspective listener something to think about before spinning the CD. Once you hear tracks like "Somebody Kill the DJ" and "Bored," you begin to realize how the title and image on the cover portray the concept of the album. In a world gone mad there is madness, but there is hope.

    The band is excited about the positive press the CD has received upon its pre-release, especially coming off the controversially received Sleep With You CD. Critics have been quick to draw comparisons to notable acts like U2, Radiohead, or the Beatles, but the band, currently holed up at Miami’s Hit Factory Studio, seems intent on focusing its collective energies on recording their follow up due out later this year. Recorded in a garage studio this time out, but sounding very little like a garage band, the music on Nothing Is Cohesive sounds surprisingly clean, smooth, and analogue, the general feel and sound seems to celebrate the band’s love of and joy for making music more than anything else.Nothing is beyond the issue of consistent

    In unpredictable surroundings, we can find relief and truth in the music of

    bands like Transcendence. Sometimes the truth hurts-but when you hear

    it come from Hale's passionate vocals, backed by the infinitely creative

    guitar work of Fernando Perdomo, the thematic piano and keyboard

    textures by impresario Jon Rose, and the inventive rhythm section made up of Bill Sommer and Roger Houdaille-it feels so good. Transcendence is a band of unsung heroes in a world of fabrication and pop culture that you need to hear today.

    “The mind boggling mix summed up by the title cut of their new opus, Nothing is cohesive, is a stunning collision of anthems that cull from Pink Floyd and Supertramp to U2, Coldplay, and Radiohead.” --Lee Zimmerman, New Times Magazine

    Indeed, Nothing Is Cohesive, but that is what makes it special. It's like an episode of Lost, where you think you finally know something, and then they find another way to turn your expectations inside out. It's musical anarchy, beautiful chaos. It's art. It's Transcendence. Do not miss it. RATING: A --Jason Warburg, http://www.dailyvault.com

    For More Information http://www.transcendence.com or Contact TMG Records

    Tel: 800-827-7763 or cdavies@tmgrecords.net


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