• Myspacedotcom is an online entertainment media company for band reviews and band MySpace comments.

  • An unsigned band is a band that has not been signed to a record label. Bands that release their own material on self-published CDs can also be considered unsigned bands. Often unsigned bands primarily exist to perform at concerts. In more recent years, the internet has helped promote the music of unsigned bands.

    Getting reviews can be one of the toughest things for any new band. It's not just trying to figure out who the best people to send your CD to, it's making sure they listen to your band and actually write the review. Music writers get a roll down of band's cds each week, I have learnt that through doing my own zine Beat Motel. Some really good bands get overlooked when it comes to getting reviews because they don't follow a few simple but golden review rules.

    Sound daft doesn't it! But think about it for a moment, you've spent months finding contacts, stuffing envelopes with your world changing cds, but how are you going to get copies of the reviews if they are published? 99.99% of zines/ magazines will not send you a free copy of their publication. Most zines (especially the big ones that you really want reviews published in) get sent anything up to 100 cds a week, if they sent out a free copy to each of those 100 bands then they wouldn't have any copies left to actually sell! So what do you do? You subscribe to every single one of these publications, in fact you'd probably have to as the chances of your release / demo getting reviewed when you think it will be are pretty damn rare. So you'd have to buy every copy of the magazine (or whatever) until you happen across your own review.

    Many bands struggle to get noticed by the producers and capture the ears of listeners, just like other hard rock giants did at the start of their music careers. A select few do make it to the top quickly, but what happens to those unsigned rock bands who are not on the charts yet?

    Recently, many unsigned rock bands have discovered a haven on the Internet where they can get noticed around the world as well as sell their music CDs. The site is called Myspacedotcom, and it is setting a new trend for the music industry.

    We do upgrading and revamping existing sites that are reasonably ok content-wise but which look dated. Our team of professional web designers will pump up your old site and make sure it’s more likely to be found in search engines.Myspacedotcom is an online entertainment media company for band reviews and band MySpace comments.

    If you have a good web site but it's not getting enough visitors, we can promote it and ensure fans can find it in the search engines. Sites need regular updating and we can do that for you. Make sure the gigs list is up to date, add new photos, update biographies.

    Myspacedotcom is a new upcoming Indie Music review website which utilizes multiple authors with different styles and musical preferences. This means that you, the person who wants to be exposed to as much new musicians as possible, can get exposure to a wide and dynamic variety of Indie musicians.

    Let's face it, if you're a musician these days and you don't have a MySpace page, you might as well not exist. Of course, it helps to have your own site (which you can link to from MySpace), but this is free, and it's a quick way to get your music and information about yourself out there. Everyone's doing it, and you should, too. It's helped propel the careers of a number of artists (hey, even dead guys have MySpace pages — it must be popular!), and it's simple to create.

    Use the "Browse" function to locate the file, then click "Upload." Be warned, it might take a little while, especially if you're using a larger file. Hint: use MP3 files, not.wav. Once complete, you can select an image to accompany the song.

    Once you have your music uploaded, you've covered the essentials. However, you can add more pictures — say, of a gig, or those head shots that turned out so well — and put them in a slide show. Add a list of your upcoming shows, so people can come out and see you. If you have video, you can upload that, too, and even add a blog, if you're actually inclined to keep one. You can do all this from your page.

    Myspace band reviews take a considerable amount of effort to gain any kind of recognition as a premature band in the local scene. The requirements and amount of drive needed only increase once the local scene has been conquered. Street teams, coupled with the band's own promotion, are formed to help further get the word out. Because of the hard work involved, many local acts decrease rather quickly.

    Bands and fans of all rock music types are enjoying this new-found online treasure. From hard rock to heavy metal, from punk to grunge, no matter what the flavor of rock, there are bands and fans waiting to unite.

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